Two unquie legendary swords share same weapon skin?

two legendary swords have same weapon skin, can we get a reskin on one of these ?

two more copy paste skins again…

i dont want a green sword anymore when i tank please

Thanks for the suggestion Obliviana, what color would you like the sword changed to?

i think that OP is asking for a re-skin of the legendaries swords, to feel more unique, not just a change of color with the same model.

EX: Deeproot- some vine along the edge? or somethung planty

Blackguard longsword- a black sword, little bit longer?

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Hm, that’s fair, the word “skin” gave me the impression that they preferred another color. However I am open to all suggestions of course :slight_smile:

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i would like a big red sword =P but monitor has the right idea. a unquie legendary named should have even some small special graphic, even if its just a color swap, but more of the popular ones should be additional graphics

also if we could just use skins of other swords we have gather ?? even if we have to sac them to reskin the item i would be ok with that ?? there is some weapons that i would love to wear but are not unique so i will never get the joy of putting them on.

Can we not mess with my Blazing Reaver?

I agree, I think that the named items dropped in dungeons should have more “exclusive” models, it happens with almost all weapons, currently they are shown as generic models with color changes only. A way to give it more exclusivity could be for example, named weapons dropped in Tempest Heart should have a “corrupted style” with dark colors and red flames.

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