Tying player power to watermark/one system

It’s a bad change. It changes all player power progression paths to make it so watermark/expertise is all that matters. Nothing else you do in the game will increase player power. to me that is not good.

Players won’t buy lower gearscore items to match their watermark. they will buy high gearscore items and use one piece as their watermark rises. If they don’t find a high gearscore piece they will use watermark drops.

Player power will be directly tied to one system after the change and I think that’s a negative.

I realize it solves a bunch of problems for the devs that are occurring in game.

It’s still lazy to tie player power directly to one system no matter how many problems it solves. Stop trying to slow us down on our path to 600 gearscore.

Make these changes when you increase gearscore from 600-620.

“gearscore above 600 will be tied to your expertise and lowered to a minimum of 600”

look. everyone is happy!

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