Typo in known issues, need "actively breaking" clarified

Continuing the discussion from Known Issues - January Monthly Release 2022:

“As we go live, there going to be issues that pop up while we are actively developing and breaking things within New World. These are some of the Known Issues that we are currently aware of and actively working on resolving.”

The first sentence, it should be there is/there’s.

On the second half, does he really mean they are actively breaking things in new world? I would like a little better clarification.

also “PvP Healing does not scale in a similar way to damage” was put into the list twice in the same catagory.

One last thing, the movement bug which has been all over the forums for well over a month, is not listed in the known bugs list. I am extremely concerned for this game. That bug has ruined a lot of peoples game. I know it can’t be fixed in a snap, but mentioning it would help us understand its being worked on.

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Thanks for the call-out, the first two you mention should be corrected. The second half means that there may be bugs that may cause issues with the game; mainly an acknowledgement that we are aware that the game is not perfect and the team is working hard to resolve the outstanding issues.

If you are experiencing the movement bug still now that the January Update is out, please let us know.

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Thank you for the comment! I did not hear or read about the movement bug fix coming with the January update! I will report back after a few hours. I have not had time to test it out.

You all should know that the movement bug is a well known issue that’s still affecting many players. There are even players who know how to trigger it on purpose on other players and exploit it in wars on my server. I got the movement bug within the first few minutes of a war last night, and I know several others did as well. Honestly this should be a number one priority right now, it’s absolutely the most game breaking bug I’ve seen in any game in a long time, perhaps ever.

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I believe from what Luxendra just said, it should have been fixed in this mornings patch. Has anyone you known experienced it today?

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Oh yeah, now I’m reading it again that is the impression. Let’s hope so!

i think the most game breaking was the invincibilty trick lol

Did not experience the movement bug yesterday!! I will update this post later this week.

Oh man, I totally forgot about that window-mode perma i-framing!

yeah that was number one for me on my list of things that were game breaking. now thattttt was some cheesy nonsense.

It is nice to see the movement bug being acknowledged, but I see no confirmation that it was fixed in the patch notes for the January Update, OR that it is being worked on in the Known Issues thread. Could it be that I’m thinking of a different movement bug? The one where your character gets stuck in place and is only able to move by jumping after you die while being in an ice storm or similar CC?

This is exactly the one i’m talking about. I haven’t had it happen yet, keeping my fingers crossed

I can confirm the bug still exists and completely ruins my chance at ever winning a war. This is heartbreaking. @Luxendra

Thanks for letting me know. I’ve forwarded the information I have about this to the team but any additional information would be really helpful. I have noticed less reports about movement bugs so they may have addressed some possible causes.

less players=less reports


i got movement bug in 2 wars and 3 oprs over the weekend alone, it’s definitely not gone anywhere :frowning:

So it happened this last time during war. The enemy team had a large amount of ice gauntlet/ void gauntlet users. It seems after being frozen and dying, the game does not remove the frozen state upon death and prolongs until you restart the client.

I mainly only get the bug facing an ice gauntlet, not sure if void gauntlet is contributing.

Understood, thank you for this! I know the team’s looking through additional telemetry that can help them dig deeper into the issue and I will forward this along to them as well.

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The issue is definitely still present and is associated with Ice Gauntlets. I’ve gotten it in open world PVP without dying after getting hit with an ice spike. Our theory is that it occurs on some sort of desync if you dodge/move while getting hit by an ice spike (mighty spike in particular). The reason VG contributes in this theory is that you get rooted by scream so your dodge spams to get out of ice storm are doing nothing but desyncing and lagging while you get lined up for a Mighty Spike. Could be other things like general/multiple CCs and lots of people in the area causing the lag and desync (ice shower does a buggy desync when you dodge or move while frozen, other roots, etc.), haven’t tested enough, but most (>50%) of our melee have gotten run bugged within the first 5 minutes of every war, making attack more difficult than it already is.
It is super disappointing that run bug has not been fixed yet among other combat mechanic issues, and is a large contributor to the declining player base on our server. You push a territory, get the declare, go through the stress of putting together 50 people in a desired team composition at the war time, put time and resources into giving out consumables for war, come up with a strategy you are confident in, all just to load into the fort on your first death and see your top 5 DPS players running in place. You are shot calling and you’re movement bugged too. The developers don’t seem to play this part of the game, so I’m trying to paint the picture so you can understand the frustration people go through every day on this game.


bumping this reply because it is saying the topic has been solved.