U cant EVEN trust the QUE

2k que and on 500 error ofc now is classic every time … u cant even belive on que. even if u wait 90 % u will get ERROR message time out or somthing like that… please FIX it before people get tired.

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quick fix while they work on their stuff:

close the queue error message then don’t do anything, just wait, don’t try to re queue, you will be put back in the queue at your position

what u mean ? do not presss the Button ‘‘PLAY’’? it will be automaticaly when u get the error?

yes, just click ‘OK’ when you get error message and do not click anything else after that. It will stay on the screen where you can click ‘PLAY’ but if you wait for like 20-30 sec you get your queue screen again.

thats amazing , thank you mate.

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