UI for healers sucks so bad

Healing in this game is an absolute chore.

The UI not being customisable meaning that there are very small health bars in the top left of the screen in a blue colour which often gets lost in the background is absolute garbage for trying to heal.

Please let us fully customise the position, size, and colours of the party window as well as adding stam/mana bars and number/percentage values.


I’m not having any issues healing in a party, but in the open world, if I’m in a party I can’t heal peeps outside of it, at least not easily.

From my 120 something hours healing in CBT and about 140 as of now on release I’ve never had any problems with the UI you can absolutely get used to it if you want but I do agree that some customization would be good, specially chat colors (Covenant faction chat and Help chat have a way too similar color, it’s hard to distinguish sometimes)

its the worst healing of any game ive ever played. over complicated, unintuitive, ugly, lacks info.

It’s clunky. The only thing that makes it tolerable is that its different. But that isn’t something “people just need to get used to” either. It’s just bad.

Additionally, tbh, lifestaff is just boring. The perks are boring. The passives are boring. The synergy is lackluster within the trees. The capstone traits are boring… +2 seconds to buff duration in protection every 6-8 seconds for a single tgt? Really?

The synergy that DOES exist is just so low impact and not fun.

I really like the idea of having a tree for buffs and one more specialized for other heals but…outside of the mediocre buff synergy in protection … what are the major differences in identity between the two? You have a single target in both and an aoe in both. Give us smart heals to make group healing less clunky. More hots, shields, chain heals. There are so many interesting healing mechanics from other MMO’s they could have used…

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Funny enough, I agree, but it’s not the size/position of the bars I take issue with. (though they could be improved for sure) My issue is not having an easy way to target the group member I want with a single target heal when I’m looking at the HP bars and see someone start to drop.

Why can I not have a hotkey assigned to each group member, hit that key to target them, then hit the hotkey for me heal to cast on them?

The current method of hitting the hotkey for the heal, having to use the scroll wheel to scroll through group members until I land on the right one, and finally having to click to cast the heal is SO much slower, and completely takes your mind out of the action while you have to watch the group bars close enough to tell who you’re targeting. I know it seems little, but that extra second you have to pay attention to who your targeting is important.

Also why can I not have my single target heal default to snap to target, while my PBAoE regen can default to free target without having to take the extra step of clearing it’s snapped target?


I mean…I’m fine if they add it for the people that want that but isn’t scrolling just faster than hotkey? xD

In theory they’re about the same, but I’m practice scrolling you have to make sure you scroll the right amount to get from the person the game selected 1st, to whomever you actually want to heal. Which means you have to look close enough at the group window to watch who it highlights as you scroll. While with a hotkey you can hit the button for the person (F1 for person 1 F2 for person 2, etc would make the most sense by default) and hit your heal with much less attention spared from the rest of the action.

I would say it’s easily twice as fast (half a second or less compared to 1-2 seconds for scroll wheel) and requires multiple orders of magnitude less concentration coming from MMO’s that assign a key to select each group member. With practice you get to where you’ll automatically keep the corner of your eye on the HP bars, and as soon as you see one start to drop you can hit your key to target them, and then your heal, without even disrupting anything else you were doing hardly.

It may not sound like much, but once you see the difference it’s night and day, and if a UI addon were released that enabled this functionality, it would become mandatory overnight for serious groups. It would instantly make single target heals in the game that much better.

I agree that the party frames aspect of the UI sucks, particularly for ultrawide users. A simple fix would be the ability to move the party frames to a more convenient location.

Right now i’m having to crank my neck to the left and at that point i’ve lost aim on the player/enemy.

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overlapping name tags
its to hard to see whos your party member
debuffs are hard to see because you have to look at people

For me, the worst part is the color. The pale green and white are impossible to see in some situations. Even just a custom color would make it better.

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