Umbral Shard in pvp

Pls add a consistent way to gain umbral shard in pvp…
I like to play pvp only and being forced to run dungeon over and over, upgrade some random puple ward gear just to run even more dungeon to eventually upgrade one of my pvp set is a huge turn off for me.
Maybe make them buyable in the faction shop with faction token or just tradable since the “wts 6k shard” is a thing, or even buff the pvp track to reward them way more often.


Agree completely. Maybe if we do 100 more topics like this, the devs will notice.


they dont play their own game… so… gl with that.

Since Brimstone…

-Tons of Buggs
-Dungeons are Overtuned
-Taunt is even more buggy then befor
-PvP Track still sucks…
-Still no War Balance
-Not even a Anticheat update on Brimstone Patch
-Still tons of Aimbotter

gl with that.


Has anyone seen a legendary item in the PvP track since the update? I think it’s been weeks since my last legendary Item from the PvP track and I get a few PvP levels per day.

I think the did a nerf I have not even seen a single gypsum drop a legendary since the update.


Maby you need a break if you find the game in such a buggy and bad state?

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This doesn’t mean he wants to stop playing the game. He’s just stating the truth. We love this game and want to see it thrive.



in 30+ tracks i got only 1 leggendary gloves, pretty garbage tbh


Up. This needs change really soon.

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The fact that you need to farm pve content to upgrade your pvp gear is so garbage… It’s one of the biggest problem that this game have… M10 expedition give more pvp gear than 3s or OPR, wtf?? They need to fix this soon, pvp is suppose to be the core of the game.

They need to add a way to gain umbral shard in pvp. Like a rank system that give more shard when you perform good in pvp idk…


They need to let you roll 3x PvP-only perk armor sets and let you upgrade those with PvP-only perk sets with salt or something else besides shards.

Well dude… for the one thing you need a greatsword and a healer , for the other thing you need trophys , special set perks , special weapons grinded up to 625 that are already more then 94k umbral shards.

Thanks so much for the feedback @Valerio.S I have passed along this information to the team.

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