Umbral shard selling

we enter mutation and they throw someone in the last boss and take the president to the team and 6k umreal comes to the last person, we want a solution to this.


Umbral Shard selling is 100% confirmed legal.

I block them all, cheaters aren’t friends :laughing:

Free market. What’s the problem?

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The problem is its cheating, you skip the entire damn dungeon and they think that’s OK

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I’ve already done the expedition 50 times. Why can’t we trade in game earned stuff to players willing to trade? Umbrals aren’t available in large quantities to pvp mode content.

We don’t want to endlessly grind pve for gear progression in pvp.

Devs literally said its fine lol

I don’t care what they say, it’s cheating in my eyes. You skipped the whole damn dungeon.

Fair enough but it doesn’t really hurt anyone does it. Ive personally never done it but literally doesn’t effect me. No point being upset over something which has no impact on anyone. If someone wants to spend 15k for 6k shards instead of doing it themselves, meh, wont be losing any sleep over it.

I just wanted to know

and if u think murdering should be legal, it should be ? xDD

If you sell or want to buy shards in game I’m blocking you, that’s all you need to know

Your opinion isn’t fact.

Devs already answered multiple times

If you dislike shard selling. Don’t sell. Don’t participate. It’s legal. It’s confirmed legal. And no matter how many times you claim that it’s wrong. Fact remains it’s

100% Legal


I don’t care, to me it’s cheating and you’re getting blocked for selling or buying, I do not respect cheaters

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You’re accusing people of cheating when the devs have made it clear that it’s not cheating. You’re falsely calling people cheaters.

It’s my opinion, and I’m not going to put up with it

It’s your opinion and nothing more. If you’re going to continue to constantly bring up this post despite what the devs have said that makes you both immature and a waste of everyone’s time.

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Congrats you just got blocked

Good, all my shards are earned through OPR alone.

You’re too young & immature for the internet.

Why does it bother you if players wish to spend their time in game differently and use capital they earned to progress in the game?

Assuming no rmt for gold was used in this instance.