Umbral shard system

Hey guys

First time i am complaining about a change. But dont see the Problem only in the Economy. Im talking from a casual player Perspecitve

Im totally up for an endgame change but the way they do it is completly wrong.
They want their players to not lose all their Progress? Yeah why only upgrading 600 items i have just one piece crafted by a guild mate. It took me almost all my hard earnd money to craft my own individual armour. I have 599 hands which rolled pretty good. When the changes are coming they are almost useless.

Yeah now you say :

  • thats how mmo works
  • they are not worthless higher gs only changes stats a little bit.

Ok first:

  • why now. I get that you have to give players new Stuff to work for but only a small Base of players alteady reached 590 in every Expertise.
    I reached it in my free time after work hard earnd … the game was fun. But i cant enjoy my Progress. Ppl are starting to look just for high gs players to Run high " key" dungeons. I cant hold on to them - i cant Show my hands which rolled Pretty good cause they will be crap in a few weeks.
  • stats pnly Change a little bit? Who is looking for stats??? Ppl when running high key dungeons will only look for your gs. We See this Problem in all other mmo

I read a topic about the Economy vhanges it will ruin … i totaly agree

Why not give the ppl the Chance to upgrad all items from 590+ with shards also? You still have the legendary 3 perk Roll to work for on 600 but All the Stuff unser 600 wont be useless

Imagine all the crafters throwing their gear in the trash not Rolling 600 cause nobey want to stay on 598 or 597

Pls AGS go and do some Brainstorming how to actually make Drops worth go for gear to grind and dont make the 1% of the plaxers was more ahead of all the other casual players. You need them to not lose them all to lost ark

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