Umbral shards; do something about it

Umbral shards is totally a fine system BUT
Can anyone in AGS see how much effort you need to upgrade one gear?
Am a mage and i wish to try to tank so what do i need?
About 110K shards to do 1 set
Not only that you need 50K for each kind of ward?!
So i need in total about 260K umbral shards to get all my sets for 625 tank
This is about 43 M10 Gold run!
Its not fun at all to keep running the same dungeon over and over
You need to reduce the umbral shards cost by 50-75% so we can try different builds and keep equipping new gear
I cant keep doing this boring content so i just stopped farming these until you do something about it


Would be nice but they just went the opposite direction in the Brimstone update by making it cost WAY WAY more shards to get gear up to 620. Cheaper after that but who cares. They undid the ability to quickly upgrade gear to a decent level so I don’t see them listening here. Probably purposely trying to drag it out to extend play time.


They just making it worse


If only they’d introduce wards as lasting potions instead of having to play inventory manager… but hey, horizontal progress, are you not entertained?


true add like 100h play time for the game and dont care about the players

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It’s fine how it is. You don’t need a 625 set to tank. You earn the 625 set as you progress through the content. It’s just as fast/slow as any other raid teir system in any other game timewise.

It woulda been fine to leave the upgrade costs the same but change the rewards like they did in the patch.

i wanna tank m10, why would i run m1 or m2 content? i already achieved m10 with my mage build and now i dont wanna do 50 m10 to get my full set of tanking : )

O well. Put your nose to it and grind it out. It’s supposed to be hard and make you feel good when you finally finish a set. Compared to any other mmo new world pve is soooo easy.

make it hard, but not to do the same thing over and over : ) i dont mind if there is a diamond m10 which gives 20K for a run but with super hard content cuz it would be fun, but to do 40h content with the same dungeon, hmmm

If you only knew how long mythics took to make in ffxi you wouldn’t be complaining XD

who said u should copy other games grinding? make it hard yes but long ty no

Why I quit trying to get 625 gear “S” and stuck to farming…I’m all 200 skills all clothing and major trophies…I log in just to do dailies. Play other games, great sales.

Now imagine if you’re someone who strictly does PvP. This takes actual months lol


i mean i have 18 runs left this week 4 days left, thats like like 5 runs per day and on 1 day its 3. I can do laza in like 22 mins thats like 1h and 30 ca. per day its super fast and that would be 100k shards arround it.

Its super fast and easy to upgrade once you have a starter set at 625. The progress to m10 should be slower and harder otherwise the content would be boring.

Grind was and is always a core element of mmos.
If you or other people dont like this core elemet maybe mmos are not for you

effort to upgrade a gear piece ? IMO you’re being weak.
Doing 2 M10 you should be able to upgrade one piece to 625gs
You can do 25 weekly, that means that you can upgrade 12 items to 625gs weekly only with mutations.

You’re in an MMO. Grinding is part of an MMO.

Only thing you need is to be good enough to do a gold M10…

I would suggest you to grab the corrupted ward gear set that’s given as a reward from initial tempest quests… Upgrade that gear set then do Dynasty / Tempest / Depths in M10.

Im not a tank or healer and on Maramma, I’m not gonna sit and wait and hope I can get into a decent group to run 1 expedition not gold …over and over. NEVER. They need a dungeon finder pick a role, fill a party then…fail and log off. Nuff said. To get to M10 you have to complete all M1-M9 ROFLAU to the dude above me acts like its so easy to do that.

Did i say its hard? U said by yourself
You need to do the same dungeon over and over and over for more than 20 times?! Is that fun?

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öhm yes for me it is that part of every mmo like a said a core element “the Grind to get better”