Umbral Shards drop rate. Forced content. Player drop incoming

Is there any efficient way to upgrade my gear without doing mutations?

So many of us are SO SO SO close to quitting this game.

Many of us don’t want to grind mutations.

Player population about to plummet with this new patch :frowning:

Someone tell me I’m missing something. They aren’t seriously trying to force content participation are they?


You forgot that you got the Umbral shards from Gyps too


I didn’t forget anything. you get literally paltry rewards from any other content. Are you not aware how the new system works?


Yes there is, just read the patch notes lol

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It costs 4000 umbral just to upgrade an entire gear set from 590-600 gearscore.

This cost increases as you get higher in gearscore.

You get a maximum of 200 umbral for each gypsum cast. Nobody will start off getting 200 because your expertise wont be high enough. You only get 3 umbral for a cast at 600 expertise, increasing as your expertise rises to get 200 umbral for a 625 cast. Some of us will still get 0 umbral because our gearscore isn’t high enough and we will still be casting to get our expertise up to 600.

There are similar umbral rewards/reward table for crafting. Some of us aren’t crafters so we won’t be getting those either

Doing a mutator at higher level gives thousands of umbral. Even doing a mutator at the easier levels gives lots of umbral. For example a level 5 mutator that you get the worst timer (bronze) gives 133 umbral.

I know I’m not the only one disappointed by this.

I guess I’ll look into doing mutators. Something I decidedly don’t want to do, but I’d rather do more than crafting. Maybe I will find them fun, but I doubt it I’ve seen this system in other games. I’ve never been big on dungeons, let alone the + version or mutated versions of them.

AGS consider giving umbral out from more content?

We all just want bugs/Qol/gameplay issues fixed. Instead you give us more forced grinding.

I don’t want to do mutators, but I feel forced into them. If I’m wrong please explain how I can acquire player power in any reasonable time frame without doing them


Isn’t the higher GS really only useful in the mutations because of the mob scaling?

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You’re overlooking the obvious choice.

I agree, this is a big problem that has to be rebalanced. Mutations will be the only rewarding content.

The umbral rewards from gypsum casts and crafting are so low and it will take like many months or even years with like 4 gypsum per day to upgrade gear without mutation expedition.

They need to make gypsum cast the main source of umbral shards and mutations remain as a big bonus. Many players will be excluded in this patch


This update affects everyone, but only enhances the game play for a small % of the community.

That’s a big problem

Please AGS consider your entire player base

please :frowning:



Do you have already the gear to upgrade?
Did you can play all content with the gear you have?
Why you think that you need 625 Gear asap?
Why you want upgrade 590+ Gear?
Meanwhile upgrade your 600 Stuff, when you wait for the 600er gears?

Why do you think that you need a ready char on the patchday? this is a mmorpg!

You OK buddy?
Are any of these questions relevant? Why do you need these questions answered to take my concerns seriously?

Do I need to check everything off to be able to enjoy the game?

I’m in full 600 gear. I’ve tried all the content (there isn’t that much).

If there is higher level gear available I will want it. It’s not hard to understand. Putting in higher gearscore makes people want it. It’s not rocket science.

I don’t think it’s unreasonable to want content currently in the game to tie into content coming to the game. Instead we get a very narrow path for increasing our player power. I’m willing to try out this narrow path (mutators). Not all players will want to even try it out or post a message on the forum expressing their opinion.

A couple of my friends have quit because of this patch or because of what it lacks. They didn’t post on the forums. They didn’t announce it to the world. They just aren’t available to play with anymore.


Yep. If I have to do even 1 mutation I am qutting the game. Know many who are on the brink with me. This could be the end.

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See ^^ this guy here proves my point.

This patch will kill the game for so many because it affects the entire player base but only enhances the game for a small %.


Sheesh worse than I even imagines. This game really gonna be over soon.

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If mutation was part of initial release it would have been more then okay!

But mutation as new content…it’s really a huge slap at everyone!

1- Total revemp of territory tax and what company can do with it! No more withdraw. No more gear up from territory tax…etc!

2- MERGE SERVERS ASAP!!! Like really!!!

3- fix bugs & balance

4- Real new content

And hurry up! Cause servers that was really healthy are dead now…and like it or not…lost ark will make it worst!!!


Player drop incoming ? It’s already here haha. At 100k people were saying it was gonna stagnate at 100k but no, its dropping daily and at ~70 to 78k now. Sad to see my server becoming more and more empty - trading post dying, no one doing expeditions, hell I barely see anyone running around and if I do its more than likely a bot


You are right, but it can and will drop more.

The upcoming umbral/mutator patch will actively hurt the game not help it


Devs see their userbase stuck on dead servers and they are about to release a “bunch” of more instanced “content” thus emptying the open world even more (can something dead get deader?)


Please only talk for yourself.

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I did not talk for you. I talked for the players who fall into this category. Please don’t invalidate my entire statement simply because one person does not agree with it.

Please speak for yourself if you have something to say. There are valid concerns and SO SO SO many of us really ARE close to quitting this game. I can speak on behalf of all of the people I’ve talked to personally. Your opinion is not greater than any others, so please just let us know you still enjoy the game and why?

Please try to stay on topic and actually address the content of the post, rather than pretending you have a valid concern.

Additionally “many of us” obviously does not refer to the players who dont want to quit. Or have already quit.

I’m sorry you wasted your time, but don’t waste all of ours too

C’mon son