Umbral Shards for PvP

Ya’ll made it suck for the PvP community. Killed OPR because people chasing expertise. Simple fix, open world pvp kills drop bags, 3 shards per bag. OPR losses yield 5 to 8 shard, wins 8 to 10. War wins yield 60, losses 40. Why low compared to PvE you ask? Because you do not need to spend hours farming mats or tokens to make/buy keys. You alienated your entire PvP community.


They clearly don’t know how to manage pve vs pvp content. The fact that OPR rewards are still abysmal for the time sunk in it is mind blowing. The fact they don’t have the shards in this is dumb founding. Literally why should PVP players wait for x amount of time for moot rewards

Guess I spoke too soon. Check out the PTR full patch notes.

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