Umbral Shards, improvement thoughts

With the mutations and the umbral shard system out has changed the game immensely. I am a die hard player, but my biggest concern is the impact this has on the casual player, pvp player, and most of all new player. The amount of time needed along with the grind of mutations I feel is going to impact those types of player demographic. I am a pvp player through and through, but having to do the PVE grind is necessary to an extent. If there was a way to get more umbral shards into the pvp area like outpost or faction pvp missions it would help the game in my opinion. We cant always have a 5 man doing mutations all day. The biggest issue is that people that complete these mutations also have a huge upper hand in the PVP element. Their gear has higher damage and protection. This is going to be so unbalanced in the future unless we are able to get some solid umbral shards for the people that only like pvp or are the casual player. I want to make it clear im not raggin on the game this game is beautiful and so many aspects of this game are top tier especially the combat system. But maybe just help out the pvp players and casual players with some much needed umbral shards in pvp areas. I hope this makes sense. I truly love this game i just want the pvp aspect to get some love with umbral shards so we can stand a chance against the hardcore pve’ers that are decimating people in wars that dont have that type of time or crew. Apologies for any typos not an english teacher.


I hear you. There aren’t too many people doing anything outside of expeditions right now. Barely any portals, OPR que takes forever. Some days I never get qued before I have to log off. Big time bummer.

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