Umbral Shards Make the Rich Richer

As the subject, I can’t believe anyone thought this was a good idea.

Umbral shards only being able to upgrade GS600 gear is insane. The richest (land owning) companies will just get more and more powerful.

Umbral shards should be able to upgrade anything GS590+. Anything other than that is adding an acceleration mechanic to those already WAY out in front.

That is all.


this dosnt particularlly hurt or help the rich ether way. just helps everyone which is good.

rich companies are going to end up making dungeon sets (sets specific for that dungeon) with extra cut gems up to 625. then farm the crap out of them which will let them max out their war gear. each member will have to do it but thats entirly possible for the rich.

not a single piece of my dungeon set is 600. and its bumming me out. i cant afford the multi rolls for 600s on each item.

The richest companies can just craft and craft and craft and craft until they get all their members in GS600 gear, and then upgrade it.

Those who don’t own land can’t do this with anywhere near the ease. Of course it hurts everyone else?

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i mean yeah. owning millions a week it will be easy enough to buy every asmo cooldown every trophie and the 100k weapons smith pants.

individuals and small companies certainly could grind and buy it but by then the rich will already have gotten ahead 10 fold. also good luck farming the mats to get those rolls.


At least you even have a dungeon set .

Firstly I have no space in any storage because I love the crafting.
Secondly they need to link all sheds so that we can take anything from anywhere.
Thirdly they need to increase the shed weight limit by 1000 as there just is not enough space.

I got one armour set Ori heavy which is nowhere near 600 GS so I bought a full set of legendary 600GS with 2.8% luck on each piece. This set is weaker that my original set.

How can I gather refine craft and still have space for 10 sets of armour ? Games killing me

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And I want to add also even if I got 10 sets of armour it’s a complete jumble sale in storage forever hovering over items to see what’s what.

Need a way to sort.

Current way is poor and don’t work

oh absolutly. iv burn all of my crafting mats down as much as possible and have dump towns for useless crafting mods so iv luckily gotten most of it under control except this part.

its a pain in the ass to sort the different armor/crafting sets.

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They really need to rethink this whole situation
i’m happy with my setup now, each piece has 2 good perks but only 2 out of all slots are 600Gs. rest are 597-599 items… after first month of the patch I will be soo back behind cause everyone will upgrade 600 pieces to 625 cause they got a little bit luckier while crafting … for me, it will probably be the end of a nice relationship with NW…


Now, fix Mending Protection FFS, it’s been broken since launch.

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