Umbral Shards mutated rewards


If you want people to play all mutateds, you should make that points in mutation you get is linked to amount of shards you get. Not to some medals of bronze silver or gold.

Nobody does dynasty because its way longer than other mutations. Typically we keep orbs for genesis or lazarus.


That’s not the reason.
It’s because it’s overtuned AF compared to the higher Laz and Gen tiers.

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maybe because Laz and Gen are to easy ? the only challenge in Genesis is the “frog boss”, and in laz, you don’t have any real challenge besides the time.

The bosses in Dynasty aren’t hard, it’s the modifications that are overtuned. The fire damage on a T1-T3 Dynasty will wreck ya, even with full Ruby gems in gear, essences and ward pots running.
Same with the void in there.
T7 Laz and Gen is a cakewalk compared to T1-T3 Dynasty.

also the rewards are no longer in line. - if you complete a M4 and get silver you get the same as winning 1 opr. This needs to be raised.

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Yeah but OPR doesn’t give you the loot that a T4 expedition would give, so it’s a fair tradeoff IMO.

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