Umbral Shards should be TRADEABLE! Crafters, etc should have ways to obtain them

Simple as the title.

Umbral Shards should absolutely be tradeable.

I craft a lot of items and a lot of them sell in the marketplace. Why am I being punished for my playstyle?

& Yes, I know that you have a chance to proc Umbral Shards if you craft a 600gs item, but it’s incredibly expensive to obtain Shards via this method. We should be allowed to purchase them from the MP.

Crafters DO have the ability to make umbral shards

Also we don’t know is its expensive yet. Depends how many you get for a 600 GS craft

could find out with patterns. I would test on ptr, but I don’t have the hard drive space any more

You’r not being punished, every one in ffact have to run the dungeons pve / pvp / crafter
You even have it better than other since you can get expertise bump with you’r craft
(not mentionning the gear you craft are unafected by the downgrade)

That said yes i wouldl ove to buy umbral shard, but no you’r not getting punished.

600gs crafts aren’t all tha common and very expensive to make. It’d be silly to have this as an alternate VIABLE method to obtaining shards.

they need to be tradeable

A 600 GS craft occurs in 1/6 crafts, so yes it’s quite expensive to craft, however the craft itself may have some Value and I believe it’s intended as a side effect/side benefit of crafting legendaries, not the sole reason to.

Being able to trade umbral shards would only benefit the wealthiest players the most and would actually discourage those players from playing the game. I imagine many company leaders would just instantly buy the market out for the first few days to give themselves full 625 then go to sleep till the next patch.

It would also encourage players to break the TOS for an instant boost to 625 GS via buying gold or paying real money for the shards if umbral shards were tradable.

People want to know they are on a somewhat level playing field and it’s discouraging if you feel people just “paid to win”.

Plus it removes the prestige of getting that 625 Gear-score if it’s indirectly tradable.

I’d like to be able to show something off that people know had to be earned and couldn’t be bought through owning a company or paying real life money to someone.

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