Umbral Shards system is bad for the average player

The new system “Umbral Shard” is bad for the average player.
The fact that you only allow us to upgrade 600 GS items, means for me and many others that until we won’t get the perks we need, on 600 GS legendary items, the progression to 625 GS won’t even start(currently I have 1k+ hours, still not a single item that I’d upgrade to 625 out of all my legendaries).

Why it makes it hard for the average player:

  • Crafting gear cost insane amount of materials.
  • All gear crafted in the process is literally useless after introducing such system, no one will buy anything bellow 600.
  • Insane RNG to get desired perks on 600 GS from crafting.

Personally I never see myself reaching that GS, and this move, again benefiting the rich individuals in the game. Revise this and stop implementing bullshit into the game that increase the gear gap even more between the average players and wealth guilds.


As a person with 1k+ hours that has spent 800 asmo making gear, and only receiving one pair of BiS gloves…let me tell you something….

This new system will destroy all casual and semi hardcore players.

Even hardcore players are in absolute shock at what ags is doing.

Not only will it take me 6 months to get all the gear I need to 600 (if I’m super lucky), but now I have to spend 6 more months getting umbral shards.

And if I want to hit lvl 10 of the new mutators I need to make 1 set with every resistance type at 600 and upgrade those past 600???

We’re talking literal years for the hardcore to whoever this, and easily 5-10 years for a casual.
AGS has no fucking clue how hard it is to craft good gear in their own game.

The sad part is I’m not even exaggerating


Bad design will lead to bad results, hopefully they will understand before the patch and revert this before the mass will quit this game (me among them that’s for sure, enough is enough).


Update, in general, will be good for all, casual and hardcore. Current GS590-599 with good perks will still beat GS600+ with bad perks. Nothing is getting useless. Don’t be dramatic.

Legendary and gs600 items drop chance will be increased on mutated expeditions, that’s what will get gear lower than gs600 obsolete, people will get better things. :slight_smile:

They just need to give the umbral shards applied back (un-apply with gold and/or give it back when you savage) or reduce the CD to craft/trade mutated orbs.

The patch is good. The game will not die. People will end up liking it.

The only problem is not addressing the lag/sync and other combat experience problems. Hopefully, there is still time or it will be the next priority.


The majority of people that have already quitted did it because of the exessive grind and you think people will end up liking an even harder grind? For example 8400 Orichalcum ingots (about 240k coins) is needed to just level weaponsmith from 150 to 200 and you still think people will like even more grindy shit? Well, good luck with that!

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Imagine after 5 years u get your desired perks and finally can push it to 626, just to discover this kek 625 gear score is UNDERTUNED GARBAGE in its current state - YouTube


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It doesn’t seem like a system thought for the average player. Nothing in the last patch notes does. It’s another grindy-chore layer on top of many other layers of a similar sort.


Can you tell what patch will make you enjoy ? You dont wanna grind to make eq better, this is a core of MMO doing dungs and grind. Tell me exactly what you wanna do in MMO game ?

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Wow @Developer
It’s incredible how much people love this update. Look how happy everyone is

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But please ppl who complaning what would make you happy and enjoy ? Cuz I dont understand why ppl are mad they are increasing GS cap, adding new system I dont understand what is wrong with it ? Cuz again complaning but nobody wrote anything worth to discuss.

You dont understand what is bad about invalidating every gearpiece below 600gs? Im sorry for you then.

What is wrong with it ? Difference between 600 GS items and 590 should be bigger than 0,1%, everyone should try to catch BIS 600 GS items not stopping at 590 cuz difference is to low and is not worth to pay 20k more for 600 GS. Still difference between 590 and 625 will be too low.

is bad like all the core design of game


Umbral shards does not affect average player, it boost from 600-625 is none. Only for minmax community it matters.

Show me your 600gs bis set you are going to upgrade please.

I will link it here when I come back home. I have a lot of BIS items, only 2 parts are purple to change waiting for a good ones I have 400k to spend on them.

How many other players (and new players) do you think are as fortunate as you are? I’m sure at least 90% of players are FAR from even having 1 600gs bis item. How do you think a change affecting max 10% of all players, giving them a “competetive edge” in pvp, is any good?

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I think much more than 30% of current player base have full BIS set. Items are cheap easy to craft now with shards. I bought week ago medium 600 GS boots with freedom, resilent and refreshing for 35k and light pants for resilent gravity perk and physical aversion for 40k. Waiting only for gloves and helmet but my current are not so bad anyway. You have just no idea how rich ppl are I know ppl who has in total around 2kk gold in items materials equipment parts.