Umbral Shards/Upgrade Costs and Obsidian Gypsum droprates

Umbral Shards destroyed everything that is not mutated, and its not fun at all… They should put umbral shards in other stuff as well. They should also increase the number of shards we get(or reduce the amount of shards needed for upgrade weapons from 59x to 600 at least) and fix them. Timer thing in mutated dungeons needs to be changed because its not fun to run through mobs to be “efficient”. its just stupid considering we arent even playing the game that way. Plus people may need to do stuff in real life( toilet breaks, doorbell being rung, etc). Maybe just have a timer for boss fights or i dont know, something else, anything other than stupid timer system. With this rate, we will lose the remaining pvp people, remaining non-hardcore people, remaining people who have jobs and families and such, because the game is getting grindier and systemwise meaningless.
My second problem is Obsidian gypsum droprates. I mean what kind of an mmo punishes their players for being MASSIVE MULTIPLAYER and reduces the droprates of a progress item -.- It defeats the purpose, plus, its not like we cant tell people to go away and do elite runs another time because we cant drop obsidian when they around… It’s completely stupid. So it needs to be changed in my opinion.
I would like to hear your opinions and get your support if possible. Have a nice one.

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The obsidian drop rate is the most frustrating part to me right now ONLY b/c im lucky enough to have folks to static mutated dungeons with for no cost, we just share our orbs.

Ive made other posts about this specifically, about how out of touch the devs are with everything, my favorite example was obsidian and topaz gypsum.

They take items that already have a 24hour cooldown and add hidden internal cooldowns to make that daily take almost an actual hour of your day.

The community moderator seems like a nice person, they are tasked with an impossible job right now. If youve noticed though they keep answering every thread with the same vague response that this next patch is just bug fixes and balances and its going to get better but they still dont understand the issue.

Nobody is returning or staying for bug fixes, if the timegates and massive eye bleeding grinding is not completely changed to the core this game will continue to lose 20% of its base a month as it continues to do.

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im even okay with buying the mutated orbs, but the thing is, people do their orbs, do their friends’ orbs and then want to buy more orbs(not that i blame them, i would do the same). So there is not enough supply when everyone is racing to do the content as much as they can, which is normal. But in the end, i cant even find orbs to buy, and even when i do, its mutated 1 only… It’s an awful system really.

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