Umbral System is too limiting for every play style

I believe the Devs can come up with a more fair system that includes PvP, crafters, limited time and solo players. As of now, the only way to get umbral is via the mutation dungeons and tiny bit (3 total) from Gypsum boxes. I feel this new gearing up is very limiting to a game that caters to many play styles. New World is not some sweaty high end raiding MMO, far from it. Why not create a system for your actual player base.

  1. For PvP: Have Umbral drop in wars, open world PvP, in OPR. And in the future, arenas.
  2. For crafters and gathers: In Aptitude boxes.
  3. Causals and limited time players: Can rarely be found in Elite chests in the wild. Believe it or not but some players have come to love chest runs and it’s unique to New World.

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