Umbrals can FIX the game...but only if we rethink how they are used

The current crafting system is still awful, even with timeless shards. Perks like tradeskill luck and durability completely tank items and waste materials. The market is flooded with decent 595+ items but no one wants them because they aren’t “legendary” or “perfect bis”. But this can easily be fixed with the Umbral system and doesn’t need to be complicated. In fact, it can be used to highly improve the current RNG crafting meta that is devaluing items at a rapid rate.

  1. Allow Umbrals to upgrade gear that is 590+ up to 600.
  2. Once an item hits 600, it rolls a third perk.
  3. Allow Umbrals to reroll perks at 600

What does this new shift in the umbral system fix?

  1. 590+ crafting is no longer useless
  2. 590+ gear stays valuable in the market, as people will want good bases to move to 600 and reroll until they get their bis
  3. People will buy multiple 590+ items to roll to have different gear setups for PVP / Mutations.
  4. Gives more control to players and rewards their efforts in mutations by giving them more chances to reroll gear to optimize builds

Sidenote - Umbrals should also be obtainable in PVP in some shape or form.




This would make everyone so happy. It’s the best answer and many have said the same as you. I will be very surprised if AGS decides to do this & listen to most of the community.


This would literally make me comeback in the game. Why just 590+ though?
They could make it so any 500+ GS can be upgraded to 600 but with more Umbral Shards to invest.


I agree man, and this is coming from someone who has almost all BiS pieces for both my PvP and Expedition sets. The game wouldn’t feel as RNG dependent.

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Your post is too logical and AG rejects all forms of logic. I would say you should apply for management of New World but they only obviously pick people who don’t play the game or understand what the players want


should be obtainable by some % chance to drop from open-world PvP kills.

No need to be so worried about people trying to abuse the open world pvp kills for umbral shards. For example on top of having a non-guaranteed (% chance) to drop upon kill, players have a cooldown for being able to drop shards on death, arbitrarily, let’s say 2 hours. Moreover, once an umbral shard drops from a player kill, the two involved players are locked from dropping shards amongst each other for said cooldown, effectively preventing an “exchange”. This is a winner take all scenario, so everyone is highly motivated to come out alive because dying and dropping an umbral shard also prevents you from getting an umbral shard from the player that has killed you, if you were to return prior to the cooldown and kill that enemy player.

This will likely incentivize opposing factions to engage large-scale open-world PVP, and with the aforementioned abuse-prevention mechanics, what we have on hand is an effective way of encouraging competitive and incentivized open-world PvP with minimal risk of abuse.


Yep leave gs increases to major expansions like new maps new story lines etc, I also like the 590+ idea but would be better if its 595+ cus crafted items are atleast 595 or higher it just makes more sense to me just my opinion tho


Queue: “I spend 20 hours in mutated dungeons to upgrade my armor and got Beast Ward. This game is ded.”

Very logical, not complicated. I also agree that Umbral shards need to be earned in PvP and Invasions. I want to do all aspects of the game, not simply be a dungeon rat.


seriously this.

also thinking more about it.

i kinda wish they would merge the umbral and gypsum system. i just hate that there are so many unique macguffins.

covert all gypsum drops into umbral shard drops of calculated amounts and time gate it if you absolutely need to and make the cost of casts/upgrade shards or whatever cost the appropriate amount.

and finally remove them as physical items and instead make them tokens. so we stop getting fucked over on topaz bags.

if not then forget all that otherstuff and make both umbral and gypsums tokens because fuck topaz.

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Yeah thats what they have done kind, the gypsum system works as normal until u reach the 590 cap and it then starts giving u umbral shards I think, could be wrong. Its not a bad idea but I also feel like the gypsum system was a knee jerk reaction to people complaining about watermark system. They have done this kind of reaction before for example giving everyone a discount on housing tax making land owners max out tax and get millions a week and those who were previously land owners on server that got merged didnt get the full benefit of that discount and now cant compete with land owners constantly buying out the market rolling items for company members therefore getting miles ahead of other companies who are forced to have daily grinds and leaving it up to the gods whilst landowners can gear up a dedicated 50 soldiers whilst non landowning companies struggle to get even half the army with decent pvp gear.

Sorry for rant, its just something that really pissed me off.

i can see it that way but imho it wasnt a bad idea.

all things considered it made sense since the old hwm system was shrouded in mystery. you would have to chart ever singe drop to see if you even got boosted. and it was still random af (if at least dropped more frequently. the reductions in elite zones was uncalled for). its honestly very nice at least having control of what you get to bump while doing stuff you kind already did though ultimately its still best to do elite zerg rushes (unless you mindlessly grind out orbs) so it honestly did fuck all.

Bump, this is the one

Much better than the system the devs are proposing.

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you should be in charge of AGS sir

Please no…. If this happened i just need a week or less to get all my needed BIS 600. Prolly a day if i get lucky with 600 roll.

Wahhh… Noo… You would flood the market with legendaries…

Use shard to make 595-595 a 600 one would be good enough - a 600 epic with 2 perks!

not really if sharding binds the item … Easy fix … easy solutions

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