Unable to chat in game, in any channel

Former Alpha tester here, I have and enjoy the title,
I have never been banned from any game in my entire life, and have been playing games since Pong,

The second day on the server, I attempted to explain to my faction how taxes work, and that any faction has an ability to remove a town company, if they feel the taxes are too high,

I suspect a Company simply reported me for sharing truthful information about the game mechanics,

I am unable to chat in game in any of the channels now, which means I am unable to request groups, dungeons, team play, offer advice, or ask advice,

when i chat, I see a grey haze behind my text, and no one else can read it, So I am effectively locked out of playing with others,

the ability of groups that want to mass report players, I believe is an exploit that is being abused, I know we saw this in Alpha and Beta of the New World, but this is beyond anything I ever expected, while simply discussing how the taxes effect faction loyalty to certain Companies,

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