Unable to chat in Global

  • Azilara
  • Muspelheim, EU Central
  • I’ve been unable to write in global chat since the patch, I’ve 264 hours played on Azilara so far, so it really shouldn’t be the 72 hour restriction thing.
  • Bug.
  • I’ve been unable to communicate with my fellow players as I’m accustomed to, leaving me with a feeling of being excluded.
  • Uncertain for the time being, trying a relog and now I’m waiting on the queue to end.
  • Unable to provide a screenshot as there’s nothing to screenshot ^^’
  • Uncertain, but I’m wondering if it might be connected to my server transfer from Muziris to Muspelheim, around 30 hours ago I think.

Make sure you relog as noted here: [Downtime] New World Update 1.0.5 - #2 by Luxendra

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