Unable to declare WAR with High influence (lack of influence)

Character name: “NoeI”
Server: Us East Vaitarani
Company name: “Market Makers”

For the past few days myself and my company have been pushing influence on “Reekwater”. I know for a fact we pushed substantially more than 10%. In fact I KNOW that I alone, turned in well over 150 missions perhaps upwards of 200. Which if I’m not mistaken amounts to far more than 10%.

I cannot declare war because it says i don’t have enough influence in spite of this.

All of these tokens were farmed in this specific region where i wanted to declare war.

I also purchased all of these 586 masterwork converters (worth 500 tokens each) solely from the tokens I accumulated through the pvp quests pushing my influence…

THIS IS EXCLUDING all the contributions from others in my company which were substantial.

When I try to declare war it states we haven’t contributed enough influence.

Heres a picture showing proof of masterwork converters I bought. I purchased these solely through tokens accumulated in reekwater.

any work around for this yet ? Can we get a Dev or smth to comment on this. its happened twice in a row now @Luxendra

I’m aware of this. No workaround or updates at this time.


We have observed this numerous times on our server as well. Here are some potential timestamps on our server.

This is the main end-game pvp content for the game. The fact that a substantial portion of the player base is unable to declare is a really big problem!

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We have the same problem on Vainola-EU, we got Ebonscale Reach in to conflict but when we pay 15k for the war nothing happens. This is not first time it happens on our server.

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This is a separate bug from the one I’m.describing. my one wouldn’t even let me open up the screen to pick the amount to pay for war

The same thing just happened to my company on Lemosyne. Very demoralizing to spend all this time and not be able to declare war.


Yeah, getting stuck not being able to press that button after so much effort was honestly the most upset/sad I had been at/from a video game in my life. I feel a bit better now but I’m hesitant to try pushing for a war again knowing that all I’m really doing might just be farming tokens

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Being the major PVP content not being able to delcare war and changing name removes influence as well is hindering the playing environment of the game. This has to be addressed ASAP rather than any other content.


Same thing happened to us on Kabatakan.

Our company is unable to declare war. We organised all week to try to put a territory into conflict. We were really excited.

Instead, we got this. Now we are feeling pretty despondent about the state of the game and many hardcore company members are thinking about quitting.

It’s very upsetting to see that AGS have known about this for many weeks and have done nothing.

It’s very demoralising that this is a known issue for many weeks and there is no fix. My company just wasted hours and hours of our time trying to put a territory into conflict only to hit this. We were so excited, now, so very demoralised and depressed. Many of our hardcore members logged out.

This is the absolute core of your end game content. You need to fix this as a priority.


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