Unable to edit Company Message of the Day

The function to edit the “Message of the Day” for Company is still not working properly. If you try and type anything, it will kick you out to the corresponding hotkey that you pressed.

Steps to replicate: Go to Company tab. Click on Edit Message of the Day. Start to type anything. As soon as you press a key that has a hotkey for example “M”, it will open up the corresponding menu. The map in this instance.

We also are unable to copy and paste directly into the Edit Message of the Day. So as of this moment, it is impossible to relay information to your Company using Message of the Day.


It works with copy/paste.
So you can use this feature until its fixed.

Can you please provide the steps? The normal Ctrl + V doesn’t appear to work.

Can confirm - I have this problem too.

Copy/Paste DOES NOT WORK. Nothing happens when you hit Ctrl + V.
While typing the message, any button that is a keybind avtivates when you press it.

Welc(o) - pressing (o) opens the social. (For example)

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Not sure how you got copy/paste to work but no one I know has ever been able to use this function either since July closed beta.

Ctrl+V doesnt work for me either. Unable to add company info and discord info for new recruits.

can also confirm. Ctrl+V does not work. I can start to edit MotD but when I press some bound keys (example P or O) the associated window opens and closes my ability to edit MotD

I’m experiencing the exact same problem


Cant believe this isn’t fixed already lol


I know how to work around this, links dosent seem to work, so do this:

  1. type in whatever and save it.
  2. click on edit, and paste in small portions of text at the time.
  3. add discord link (only the numbers after the discord.gg/copy

+1 Quite annoyng

All the Company leaders need this function to communicate properly whit the members but it’s impossible to use it.

The Dev have to fix it as soon as possible.

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