Unable to hit enemies

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    Occasionally while running around (I notice it more while out binge harvesting) I’ll get a random enemy(s) that I’ll just no longer be able to hit. Doesn’t matter what weapon I use the damage is not registered.
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    Unable to hit enemies, self explanatory.
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    I’m required to log out and back in
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    (I’ll record my gameplay and cut/upload it the next time it happens)
  • What are the steps to reproduce the issue as you experienced: unk, it just kinda happens.

Did you have that experience more often lately? A friend of mine has it more than six times in like 1-2 hours of gameplay, even a relog didn´t always help.

I did actually, I keep forgetting to turn my recording software on and record the problem. I was actually complaining about it in world chat in-game the other day haha

I am getting the exact same things, but it looks like it is only southwest of Greenhaven, while i can mine stuff I just can’t hit any wolves. weirdest thing is that trees by the lake ,just eats of moe’s farm, seems to never grow back, as if they were magically cut

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