Unable to launch game; crash to "unrecoverable error" and Easy Anti-Cheat


This worked for me just now.

I simply went to my Steam folder → steamapps\common\New World\EasyAntiCheat

Ran the “EasyAntiCheat_Setup” (after the initial repair I did click on the “repair service” in the bottom left corner of the EasyAntiCheat screen) then clicked “finish”.

Re-launched the game and am standing in Brightwood Village.


It worked!! I used the easy anti cheat repair program and the game launched right up, thank you!!!

Steam just released an update that rolled back EAC bug breaking some games. Basically i found if you played a game that used EAC first then launch new world it would be flagged by EAC. Weird.

This worked for me as well. Assuming it works for others, would be the better fix versus downloading old files from an unknown source. At the very least, try this first I’d say.

Had the same issue…
I restarted steam, verified integrity of local game files and restarted the computer and I am in. hope this helps.

Sadly none of the fixes is fixing my game. Getting the launcher requires elevation error. update I had a thought that elevation meant administrator, so I closed out steam and ran as administrator and it opened up :man_facepalming: in game now.

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make sure you click finish… it looks done fixing Easy anti cheat but when you hit finish thats when it works

Okay add new world file and anti cheat to your exception list in Windows firewall also make sure your visual c is upto date should be 2017-2019 version after that is all done restart pc or laptop then boot the game should work now

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Steam updated once again today to fix this problem.
Who still have this error, verify for steam updates and start the game again.
Should be work

I’m still having an error, it will say Unexpected steam_appid.txt file found

This is what everyone is saying is working for them but I did exactly this and now I get a brand new error saying Unexpected steam_appid.txt file found and it just closes my game.

I just now pushed a steam update that seems to have fixed the update. I was able to log into new world with no issues. 3:24 EST 10/8/2021

Might I ask how you pushed said update?

That was a little but of a typo, I was PUSHED a steam update by steam. I was just told to restart steam and it installed it. I would say restart pc or just fully close steam and then open it back up.

Yeah I’ve tried everything you just said to no avail…I’m getting an Unrecoverable error- Unexpected steam_appid.txt file found error and I can’t seem to find a solution whatsoever.

start closing stuff in the background. RGB controllers seem to be the prime suspect

Hey Xeraphis,
Could you please provide a screenshot of the error message you’re seeing? Also, I do hate to ask, but have you attempted a reinstall? If so, please check to see if your Steam version is up to date.

If none of the above helps, I would recommend closing any background apps you may have running and try launching New World again.

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