Unable to launch game; crash to "unrecoverable error" and Easy Anti-Cheat

I’m having the same issue, upping for Dev attention

Correction… did not fix… now there is a new error:

This happens after clicking play at character select screen

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my buddy is able to play… because he never logged out of steam and logged back in to get the update… god lol…

Similar thread opened here: EAC error, Can't launch New World - #28 by Odanen

Same results, no fixes identified. Looking more and more like an update issue, folks.

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Having same issue here

Delete the contents of the Certificates folder under program files x86\steam\steamapps\new world\easyanticheat\

I didn’t find this, I’m just sharing it.

this got my game working


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That got rid of the error! But now it’s telling me Steam must be running… when it is.

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If I had a dollar for every time somebody posts the same ‘fix’ that allows you to launch the game but not connect to a server…


but can you join a server?


So i deleted all the files under certificates and am trying to verify before i start the game

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same cannot log on server

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the game opens but does not connect, if it checks the files, it downloads the certificates again and goes back to the current error

I feel your pain. I was really engaged to level up my harvest skills, but now I’m just hoping they make a quick fix soon

Bug discovered by us, resolved for the time being! @vinidamazza @lodemarjunior

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it wont even let me launch.

Having same issue as everyone else :unamused:

smells like a great way to download a virus lmao


let’s delete ANTI CHEAT certificates and download random DLL files … Big braining it over here