Unable to log into the game on US East Dominora

I can not get any US East servers to come up, which means I can not log into game?

I’m having the same issue.

Issues in US-East AWS datacenter. People are still playing on the servers, it’s just that nobody else is able to log in at the moment. Seems like a login/authentication service issue. :slight_smile: No worries, it’ll get addressed.


Thank you

@Corwan Im sure they’re scrambling as we’re all posting to try and get this issue resolved… i was on about 5 hours ago with no issues running Myrk-G + OPR … Calgonor server~

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Appears all US East worlds are down.

Yeah, yet the down detector/server status isn’t being updated quite yet.

Hello, Everybody.

As @Corwan mentioned, We are having some issues with servers in US East, we are working to resolve this issue as soon as possible. You can find more information about this here:

([Notice] Server Issues)

I’ve seen you spreading the information all over the forums, I appreciate you’re sharing the info to keep the community up to date, thanks a lot, @Corwan!

Here’s an appreciation cookie: :cookie:


Here are updates for AWS US-EAST-1…


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Amazon please let us know if we need to change our passwords and credit cards. New World as well as Amazon primary down this morning is obviously concerning.

@scottward40 A password reset is not needed at the moment, but if that makes you feel safer, go for it! :smiley:

I appreciate that, @Santoryu ! Just trying to keep people calm - you guys already get a lot of fire and brimstone for other things, getting bombarded with this one is the last thing you need :wink: Hopefully everything gets stabilized soon. Best of luck to all! :slight_smile:

<eats cookie>

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@Santoryu AWS US-E database proper was hit with a cyberattack I think. There are more details on the AWS status website https://status.aws.amazon.com/ that lead me to believe that it was a major cyber attack. They hit the monitoring and incident response tools then took out the APIs for all AWS login services to prevent access then I assume they went digging in the US Government AWS servers since they’re located in the same database or after corporate files for a major international entity that are hosted on AWS US-E in Dulles. This was a highly advanced attack that affected AWS globally not just US-East and New World. I think 1 of two things will happen in the next few days. Either it becomes huge national news and a loud and long conversation about US cybersecurity or it gets covered up and swept under the rug. Either way, I hope New World comes back soon.

Edit: To clarify - New World likely wasn’t the target cause its not important enough to warrant an attack on this scale.

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