Unable to obtain T5 Camp since game launch, critical issue if not fixed before December update

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  • What is your character name in New World: Based Matt
  • What server/world did you experience your issue on: Valhalla
  • Describe the issue you are experiencing: I have completed all camp upgrade quests, however I am stuck with a t4 camp.
  • Is this a bug or an exploit: Bug
  • (if a bug) How did the issue effect your gameplay: I cannot have a T5 camp, which will prove to be problematic come the december update.
  • (if a bug) Were you able to recover from the issue: No
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@Kay @Luxendra Please direct this to the team, as there was an issue fixed in 1.01 that prevented people from receiving the quest “Fading Lights” in order to upgrade their camp to T5. After patch 1.01, this was fixed. However, there were a select group of people that were able to complete the quest, as well as all the camp upgrade quests prior to the patch. I have checked to see if I have somehow overlooked any camp upgrade quests, but after visiting Bercina Thornton in Monarch’s Bluffs for the quest “Friends in Fashion”, Tosch in Cutlass Keys for the quest “Animal Instincts”, Rilette Wilson in Restless Shores for the quest “Lupine Observations”, and Derick Wardel in Edengrove for “Fading Lights”, I can confirm that none of these quests are available to me due to them having already been completed. See below:

Clearly, none of these quests are available to me. What is even weirder is that I dont even have credit for completing Fading Lights, and I am confident I have completed it because I have completed every quest in Edengrove, except for the elite quest “Threat of Life”. See below:

Normally this would not be a big ticket issue, however, after reading the most recent Dev Blog update regarding end game changes, the following is mentioned:

" * Topaz Gypsum – found on hostile creatures Level 55+, but only after consuming a special Attunement Potion that can be crafted at a Tier 5 Camp."

Therefore, one of these Expertise options options will remain totally undoable for myself, and the large amounts of people who have posted previously on the forums regarding the same issue. A quick search of “t5 camp” on the forums reveals multiple bug reports from people stating that they have completed all the camp quests and yet are stuck with a t4 camp. This issue needs to be resolved ASAP, and at the latest alongside the December update. Please help this issue reach the attention of the developers.


yep same thing here

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same :’(

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Sname here, after my last appeal they gave me an achievement for this quest, but did not give me the camp itself, I wonder what this time I will get instead of the camp? Gold? EXP? Another headache because this “Attunement Potion” can only be crafted in T5 campaign?


Can confirm the issue.
Got all quests done in Edengrove, Fading Lights didn’t count apparently- camp stuck at T4 and no chance to repeat the Fading Lights Quest (Which I have 100% completed)

This is a highly critical issue, which is being reported for months - instead of fixing it - you add new features to the game (gypsum potion), that are dependent on that specific camp quest.

Big oof, pls fix

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@Kay @Luxendra Can we please get some acknowledgement that this is an issue that the team is aware of? Thank you.

I’ve realized lately that I’m placing T2 camps and I’m lvl 59

@Kay @Luxendra costing us in-game money and time, Please help!

@Kay @Luxendra Bump

hello hello, calling ags please come in

i hit 60 in the first week of launch and havent had a t5 camp since. ive sent a report in but never heard anything back

@Kay @Luxendra Can we get some clarity on this please? I genuinely don’t know if this is something that the dev team realizes is an issue or whether or not its being looked into. The fix didn’t make it into the patch notes, which is concerning.


@Developer Bump

@Developer Another bump

Same issue here aswell

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