Unable to salvage Centurion Curule seat!

Have made a fair few of these, when I try to salvage the menu appears even allows me to select the full 6 of the stack to salvage. But it doesn’t work
I don’t have a full inventory or full repair parts (as this bugs you being able to salvage armour!!)
Is this a bug, or is this chair meant to multiply and fill aternum?

Hello @Dracmire

Hope you are doing great and apologize about this inconvenience.!
Could you share with us a picture of the bug if is a possibility for you. And have you tried to salvage one by one once on your inventory?

I’ll be around adventurer.

I have tried, salvaging 1 at a time, 6 at a time, salvaging from inventory, from storage, moving them around my storage. This just simply won’t salvage!

Hey @Dracmire

I hope you are having a great week so far.!

I have made a research about this topic and I can point that some furniture items can not be salvaged at the moment for example the ones that comes from a world drop even though this one is crafted the schemating comes from a loot. Time before the team share this information [Downtime] Enabling Wealth Transfers Worldwide 2:00 PM PT November 16th.
I will sacalate this specific issue to a next level in order to have more accurate information related to this topic. By the time if you dont want to hold this items you have the posibility to drop them on the floor.

I’ll be around Adventurer!

By the way would you share your character name and server to add it on the notes.

Thank you.

Hey @Dracmire

Hope you are doing great and thank you for providing all this information it have helped the team to start the investigation for this situation where the furniture item can not be salvaged.
I can no provide any time frame for the solution but I will be on top of this post in order to share any new informaiton.
By the time my only advice will be to drop them to the ground if its a possibility for you or hold then untill the fix is available and always keep an eye on the Ofiicial News.

Enjoy Aeternum.!

They are sitting in a storage, waiting for the day I can reclaim the Weirdwood

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