Unable to transfer items to storage in Everfall

  • Character Name : Dkerza
  • Issue that occurred : The items cannot be transferred because of max space and weight restrictions
  • Time and Date : 17:00 GMT +7 02/11/2021
  • World/Server: Lagado
  • Location where issue occurred: Everfall
  • Any steps that can be taken to reproduce the issue: none, all of a sudden I get this bug. I still have about 400 weight 1600ish/2000 with 2x hope chests. I tried to pick up the chests and replace them again (see the action on the first attached screenshot), no fix.

This stops me from playing today because why would I carry my mats around when the fast travel cost would be damn high with them?

Still cannot store my things in my storage in Everfall… I can transfer it one by one but it doesn’t always work, dragging one item to the storage still gives the notification over and over again.

I have the same Issue. Did you change your Server recently? Did you find a solution?

No solution as of now, restarting my game doesn’t fix it. I didn’t transfer to a server recently. This is getting really annoying.

Clicking on ‘store all’ works in other settlements. But Everfall is my main trading hub + house.

@Kay @NW_Mugsy @Luxendra

Bump. Hoping it will get fixed in the upcoming patch.

I cannot comprehend how this isn’t acknowledged yet by one of the CMs to be passed along to the devs? IT’S STILL BUGGING. I can not ‘store all’ my Scaleclothes or any other kinds of stuff there!

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