Unban Everyone.. Once

I think once the game is actually fixed… the exploits removed. The unbelievably bad game design, fixed. You should unban everyone except the gold seller bots.

If people are genuniely acting badly, they will probably get banned again. As for the rest, maybe they’ll learn from their mistake.

Also stop autobanning people via algorithm… I know it’s time consuming etc but you’re removing innocent players from the game… on no evidence. People who paid you to play. Perm Bans should be an absolutely last resort.

You could ban someone for 24 hours, every 24 hours… for a week. If they continued to break rules… ban them for 3 months… or 6. Or at worst a year… but not forever. What right do you have to judge someone as so bad a player that they are banned forever. We don’t even jail criminals irl for that long. Except under extremely special circumstances. And as far as I am aware… it’s called virtual gaming for a reason.


I think you have a fair point, but only once it’s all fixed.

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Exploits are completely destroying the game. This is not a situation where AGS should be “forgiving”. Besides, nobody is ever banned “forever”. All it means is they have to buy another copy of the game and start anew. That’s what people who got banned should do and, this time, don’t mess it up again.

Unfair bans should be appealed, and that’s it.


Do you have evidence of this?


no, people who are literally duping gold should never be unbanned on any mmo ever same with people who bot, now abusing bugs such as hatchet or what is acceptable


No, exploiting and cheating is always frowned upon by gamers.

They did not care they were ruining the game we love, so why should we care about them?.


Nah man, ban em. Ban the food stack buff people, the hatchet abuser, the fire duel fire staff macro user, the wall jumpers in outpost rush. BAN EM ALL - could give two shits about their feelings. They want to exploit and cheat. Let em watch everyone else play the game the right way. Sick of dealing with it. I get it’s bugs and on the game side as well. Funny there are tons of players who haven’t cheated. Let us enjoy the game without these toxic people in our servers.

Shit, last night I joined a group to help a guy with a quest. Got to their location and saw the guy duel fire staff macro abusing. Left the group immediately and commented in global then reported. One guy from their group PM me calling me a little bitch. lol yeah, that’s super fun in the game, let’s keep these guys around.


Isn’t the hatchet one very plausible to do completely unintentionally? We don’t have a playerbase that’s growing and all press for this game is smearing it through the dirt.

I get everybody’s outrage, but at some point AGS is also on the hook for having the brass balls to tell us this product was full and ready for release when it launched with exploits and every patch has brought in bugs and sometimes also exploits.

people with (VAC) ban in any game should get their whole account banned so they cant play any game on steam except they make a new account and buy them again. change my mind


@Ohfor you can literally see that people are making posts about being banned falsely. use your brain and open your eyes. its amazing

Actually if they IP ban you… it is forever. Or even Email ban you… you’d have to get another email address… verify and validate it… another steam account… and another copy of the game. And for what? Not knowing you’d done something wrong? A silly joke? Because other people didn’t like you? Permenantly banned? Really? Or for those who lost their temper… said something nasty… or even those who did exploit on purpose… thought they could get away with it? A £45 fine is acceptable? Who gave amazon the right to bring criminal expense against people? Are they a law court now? Same goes for all the other Developers… and Steam… we agree to not harrass others… but we don’t agree to being harrassed by others… esp not by the developer when we’re actually innocent. I haven’t been banned yet and but I suspect I will be at some point, it actually seems more likely… in New World to get randomly banned… than in any other game. For no reason and to get no explaination.

Seeing them and believing them are two very different things. It’s amazing.


Look your name alone should get you banned from this forum. You’ve written it expressly to offend people. But here you are making replies, insinuating that anyone who asks to be unbanned is automatically guilty by default for being banned in the first place.

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Oh hell no.

…isn’t good enough.

It’s easy, if they dupe and/or act in a way that can demolish the game’s economy and potentially ruin it for thousands of other people then AGS has every right. You don’t have a right to play the game. Your $40 bought you a limited license to use the game service - that’s it.

What does real life incarceration have to do with being able to play a video game? In case you somehow miss it, that’s a rhetorical question.

Dupers? Permaban them, all of them. Players they can prove engaged in RMT by buying gold? Permaban them, all of them.

Imagine not knowing VPNs exist.

no no no no


Yes I do.

Exploits aren’t only a matter of existing bugs.
It’s also, and thats more important, an attitude.

And that attitude should be sanctioned.

In my opinion ppl shouldn’t be banned for all time.
The punishment that’s most effective is to delete or roll back their toons to make the start from scratch.
Put them under observation and ban them forever when they do the same thing again.

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I think anyone that is banned for exploiting whether they were the ones to dupe or the ones to knowingly receive thousands of items and/or hundreds of thousands of gold and not report it, should be held accountable and have to make a new account and new characters if they wish to come back in the future. Start from 0 again.

If anyone watched the SolidFPS clip, that is about the same arrogant attitude the majority has. Exploit, then blame the game, laugh at people being tired of it, move on for 24 hours. Come back and do the same shit.


Create a new server and only allow banned players access to this server (no unbanned people can even know of its existence). Name this server Australia or Bot Island or something.

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You can ban anyone on a vpn very easily. But you’re assuming that people actually use vpns normally… very few actually do. Usually those with something to hide…

The fact is… people have been banned and unbanned eventually for being incorrectly banned in the first place. The swatting for example. So it stands to reason that others have also been banned for no reason who are unable to prove they are innocent.

I think once the game is fixed so people cannot exploit or cheat. Everyone who has been banned should be given a 2nd chance.

1Ragnar1 what would you say if you were to try to log in and were banned… and had done nothing wrong? Would you still demand everyone get’s the justice they deserve… then?

The exploits are in the game… put in on purpose, by design by bad designers… overlooked… it is amazons fault people are able to exploit… and amazon is paid by those people to play their game, I think once the exploits are removed, the bans should be as well.