Unbearable waiting time in EU Central

Nothing much to add to the title.
I’m in Italy, “logged in” at 18.00 yesterday, started playing at 23.30.
Spent 50€ for this queue simulator. TOTALLY unacceptable.
Don’t start with the old phrase “all the mmorpg have this issue.”
Never saw an issue like this in FFXIV. Even Destiny 2 with its shitty server doesn’t have this problem but Amazon Games does.



Yup. My unemployed mates are pasning level 30 by now, while I have yet to reach level 2.


I had no queue at 7AM before I started work, finished work an hour ago and there’s a queue of 2,500 on the lowest populated Server.

Imagine unemployment being the only way to play the game.


On launch break i went home, logged in, 3k people in queue. “oh well, at 17.30 i’ll be near to the end of the queue”. How foolish of me…
Returned at home, queue crashes, AT 17.30 i had 6k people in queue. Now im at 51112.
I’m so pissed.

Simpel solution.

  1. Just hit the “ok” button and do nothing DO NOT press play.
  2. You get automaticly get back your old queue position.
  3. It takes from 5 sec to 5 minutes.
  4. Works for me the 6th time.



“Hirntot” - nomen est omen?

FFXIV had outages for days, some people couldnt access their chars for weeks.

there are definitely questionable decisions regarding this launch, but some of the reactions here, yours included, showcase why gaming has a culture issue.

Same, I’m at level 8, because i rushed the game for an hour yesterday night.
My friends are already overleveled and overgeared.

And thats what i did. I put me back at 6k, when i was a 3k.

can confirm.

also mindboggling that this is not explicit per user interface, and many people lacking this knowledge go back to the start of the queue.

this right here is a clear oversight that increases user frustration immensely.

Read above, i know about the “play” button bug. I was watching several streamers during the day.
And i don’t know about the outages for FFXIV, i’ve played for years continuosly from vanilla to Stormblood, never had issues like this. (Zodiark)

Character is still level 1 not even passed the tutorial bit :smiley: can’t get in, can’t play. And getting timed out during waiting in queue honestly just takes the biscuit , as all the issues are sadly their end. No game has a smooth release.

WoW had queues going into the 50k on some servers , FFXIV, the game was actually atrocious on first release not only unstable but next to unplayable. But there was at least a bit of communication / acknowledgement. Amazon its just some copy paste replies, and asking for information to pass to the devs which have no actual relation to the issue at hand.

The issues of queues etc bother me less than their responses and transparency as to what is being done about it.


I’m retired and its been 34 hours since opening time and im still at 361st in the queue.

Be thankful you got a chance to play and learning how your mates are at level 30 is amazing.

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I understand the frustration. But even people completely unfamiliar with both how networking works and how deplyoment practices of such products are, should know by now not to play on launch/patch days if they are frustrated or agitated by it.

and I begrudgingly understand that not all company decisions are made in the best interest of customers - many are made in the best interest of the company. kinda comes with the whole free market capitalism thing.

bottom line: launches suck, and in most cases no amount of money can solve it. dont play on launch if it bothers you. this is knowledge that anyone who took any interest in MMOs before should have and abide by.

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Man, i understand your toughts. I’m 28, i’ve on launch days, i’ve played on patch days, i’ve played ton of games. Still i don’t understand how can you manage an issue like this, knowing it was already present from the Alpha.
But you’re right, i don’t know how networking code works.
This is not the kind of anger like “reeee i wanna play reeeee”, I’m pissed because I’m forced to log in at “tactical” times to be able to play when i’m home from work. That’s insane.

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Supporting and encouraging bad practices is not a reasonable way forward under any circumstances.


Time for a refund guys. Show these people that you cannot sell a game you cannot play.


For god sake add an AFK logger until the hype starts to die down, I go to town and see people stood around doing nothing for the entire time I’m there.

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Sitting like this after work in the queue for a surprising 500 people, when you almost entered 10 in the line, disconnected and you 1150 thanks for the excellent service!

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Nah dude, we have to wait some days to play something we bought, because this is how it works in the MMO marketing lol