Unbearable waiting time in EU Central

The servers are all full as it seems. What was quite painful, is that I got a disconnection at lvl 6 (Penglai server, EU) and since then have not been able to log in anymore. Waiting starts around position 3000 and when I get in the last 100, I get disconnected again. Happened a couple of times now…I think it is time to stop trying for now and see tomorrow. Seems like a typical launch of an mmo. Have fun all, as it is when in :slight_smile:

Why they’re not spinning up the many offline servers for the EU that are showing up is beyond me. Many of us would happily start over if it meant we had a place to play the game. Right now, I can’t play a game I’ve paid for that many others are able to because of my working hours.

The old ‘all MMORPG launches are like this’ adage doesn’t sit right in 2021.


Any company should have learned by now, if you are an anticipated game, if you want to avoid these sort of issues you need to have a larger capacity than you would expect to normally run when player numbers level out you scale it down. It’s either lack of common sense , or being tight with the purse strings.

It’s completely down to maximising profit margins and not wanting to fork out on additional operational costs for release. And there is not a chance in hell they will admit that.

So actually a certain amount of money would solve the situation as if they increased their server capacity the problems would be a lot less than they are now.

However that won’t happen as you mentioned that is not really in the vested interest of the company, wasting additional money on a group of players that will potentially leave in the next 3-4 weeks. Probably not worth it.

The ones remaining should be able to play with minimal issues …


its infuriating if you look at the talent and resources the game had at its disposal, and im of course disappointed that amazon was not able to use that to its advantage and present a better experience.

but in the end, amazon learns here their first steps, and learns that they cant bruteforce everything with money. Blizz learned it over 15 years until they managed to smooth their launches.

server capacity (the 2k number) is - thats my uninformed speculation of course - a technical limitation, as server load seemed to affect ingame systems negatively in the beta. and thats not really something you can solve in advance, as most of such issue only really emerge under live load.

what is absolutely beyond my understanding, is why they allowed 12k users to register on servers with 2k capacity. this is the real issue imho.


That’s the point! I’ve played for an hour yesterday night and i was freaking excited by how good the game is.
Obviously this is not the situation you solve in 5-10 minutes, but you can’t release a game in this state.

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at this point Paul I want to apologize for my initial reply to your post. I was frustrated by your use of “Disgusting” but I appreciate the exchange of thoughts we had here.

Just wanted to get this out.

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This is the wrong attitude. Just because launches before this have been bad doesn’t give AWS a free pass.

Yes a lot of people in the forums are over reacting but this is not a gaming culture issues, this is a “why have i spent good money on this” issue

Same man, i appreciated the exchange of toughts!
I admit i used harsh words :sweat_smile: i was just really bitter by the situation

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“Away from Keyboard” logger should be paramount in any game never mind only this game.

So, to consider players are not logging out but to think they are leaving their PCs running all night in the hope that they stay in the server is down right frightening to say the least.

Fires in the house start very easily from overheated PCs, dust in the power supply, fans running dry, cables and wires getting hot, plugs over heating etc etc

All because some silly, under educated person in domestic home Fire Safety wants to remain in a game.

Consider this. Be AFK, in game all night and then, possibly in the morning there is no house left to sleep in.

All because someone was so selfish that they wouldn’t leave the server when finished. :fire_engine: :fire_engine: :fire_engine: :rotating_light: :rotating_light: :rotating_light:

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people autorunning against a wall or having a macro that does a sidestep left and a sidestep right every 30-45 seconds will not trigger afk protections, as much as I’d like to.

reporting AFKers seems the only sensible thing at this point.

New servers online guys!

The server load you will set on the backend to whatever number you want, depending on its a 1 server to 1 node or they are working in a cluster of nodes I have no idea on what their infrastructure setup is.

They have probably tested and assumed anything over 2k people playing on one server and due to the nature of the game, lots of people crammed into one location , that’s going to cause more issues than enjoyment.

But the only way you will get additional capacity is a combination of bandwidth and server capacity… Even if they have the server capacity , without the appropriate bandwidth it will just create a bottleneck.

I agree with you they should have locked the server to character creation once it hit above 25% its designated capacity. Maybe an oversite their end, perhaps they were not expecting the game to be this popular , either way it’s an unfortunate failing on their side.

If anything I’m finding queue times seem to be more deceptive now than anything. I queued at 9 am to 36 in queue. 2 hours later 31 i queue.

But after paying to sit in a queue the majority of the time, my enthusiasm for wanting to play will like others lead to just an uninstall and move onto something else. Which is a shame as I was really excited about this game.

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From position 36 this morning 4 pm in the afternoon position 19 XD feels bad man

I understand that the teams is doing it’s best. But why dose it always feel like EU get’s attention last.

Every time the servers have been down it seems like EU get back up running last. Might be time to make sure that’s not the case. I have also had the unfortunate to be on servers that get up last form EU.

If there a bigger problems in EU please inform us about that. Also it’s really annoying to only be able to write on a forum and hope someone will read it. How do i get a reply form the New world team.

Hope they shift the focus soon so that EU servers aren’t always last.
Also if they can shift the down time so that it’s different for different time zones or that it’s not always for the US market would be nice.

Yeah, yesterday i logged in at 22.45 (italy)…
I was supposed to be able to play at 17.00 lol
I mean, i get it. It’s better to have more downtime to fix more issues yada yada yada, but this is getting out of control…
I’m no developer and in a globally synchronized game is hard to separate server maintenance by time zone (i guess…?) but the EU player are getting penalized by this… Yesterday my company had a war at 21.00, we couldnt fight it for this…

I mean… Is this the way it’s gonna be every week, for every patch? Meh…

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