Unblock/Unmute Players

I know I have blocked two players and muted a handful more. However, when I look in my Social menu, I see no named. Is there a means to unblock/unmute players?


Hello there @Dianoia hope you’re doing fine.

Going forward with your question the answer is yes, you should be able to unblock. Press “O” on the keyboard to bring up the Social Menu and then use the search bar at the top to enter in the player’s name, their character should pop up and under the moderation tab you should have the option.

Let me know if this clears your doubt, I’ll be waiting for your response and wish you a very nice day!

This method works, yes.

I presumed that I could see a list of players I had blocked in Social > Blocked, but this is not the case. Is this section just for Friends I have blocked? It’s very confusing.

Thank you for your time and attention!

can’t delete players from friend’s list though, any fix for that?

Hey @Shamestick how’s it going, hope you’re well.

If you wish you can proceed to escalate this matter on the following link.

And you’re more than welcome @Dianoia, but could you please elaborate your question, I did not get it. I’ll be waiting for the answer!

Hello :slight_smile:
Same problems after patch 1.7.1. Blocked/Muted players after log off and log in shows 0. I can’t unmute anyone cuz I don’t remember names, also can’t ramove inactive players from Friends and up on that, not that frustrating but Friends List not always show names of Companies (sometimes they are and sometime not). It would be nice to see that in such an amazing game things that simple as Friends List work properly :smiley:

Look at my screenshot. See under ‘Blocked’ and ‘Muted?’ there are no names there. Even though I have people blocked and muted.

So the answer here is “you can unblock someone or unmute them if you remember their name.” Got it. thanks much.

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Hey @Mihasio I hope you’re having a great day and I’m very happy to welcome you to the forums!

Really sorry for the delay and for the players experiencing this once again I apologize for this issue, remember to go to the link posted above so our team can gather further information about this and check what’s going on, I do appreciate your time and patience. Wish you all a nice day!

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