Unclear titleㅤㅤ


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why “umbral seller” in tittle ? since it’s legal

theyre 0 mmo without gold seller, it’s a reality. if any bigger mmo can’t solve this for 15+ years, how they are gonna do this ?

the world you describ look more like solo player game

dosnt sound much like a bot since he takes turns with his firiends

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Have a hard time to understand your post. Likely Mods and others as well.

Bots have rarely if at all PvP on. Simply because it is easy to kill them and that is bad for business.
Bots are usually not toxic as they do not chat. They perform their programmed behaviour 24/7, which is disturbing and annoying.
And as a different reply pointed out, bots do not take turns with other chars.
Real people online are rarely gold sellers, since it is bad business if you calculate dollar/euro per hour.

There are people out there who like to farm and they do it very extensive, making it hard for others to gain rare ressources and some do not know the notion of fairness. Sounds like it might be one of these guys.

But good news, with the may update orichalcum ressources in game get tripled. So the value of the assets of this guy will drop sharply and you have much more opporunities to gain the orichalcum you need.

Let’s see here - oh my, where to start?

  1. Bots don’t flag
  2. Bots don’t take turns
  3. Umbral sellers (by which you mean M10 carries - which are perfectly legit as has been said now multiple times by staff) have nothing to do with this.

I think that about covers it.


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