Undead Cart Mounts

Since there are no animal mounts in the game and something behind the lore will not allow it. Why couldn’t the people obtain undead w/ no arms and attach them to carts in game to travel and carry more goods.

  • both models exist in the game and would just need to put them together.
  • you could hold a stick in front of the undead w/ a fleshy corpse or meat to get them to move.
  • you could make it that you can NOT be flagged when operating a cart.
  • the cart could hold 3x the amount of a character.
  • furniture, carpenters and tailors could make barding/cart decorations for money.
  • carts could move 2x as fast as someone running.

I think this would be a great idea to get the mount community happy and help move items from town to town when you want to move.

Available for hire for more ideas :smiley:

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