Undocumented changes update 1.1 + reasons harvester gear disapeared

Undocumented changes in updates

We are sorry that a number of undocumented changes made it into the 1.1 Into the Void update. This update includes many changes the team made months ago before we branched our launch build. This long time frame and the size of the patch, led to a number of changes that we missed in the release notes. This wasn’t intentional, and we are working to improve our processes to ensure more accurate release notes in the future.

Below is a list of the main changes that were either unintentional or not documented:

  • Decreased loot quality and amount from elite chests - this is an unintentional bug that was introduced in the 1.1 patch. We are investigating this issue and working on a fix, and will release it as soon as its ready

  • Removed Horticulture gear from the game - this was also an unintentional change. For more information see this post

  • Removed double luck from Weaver’s Knot - this was an intentional change that we missed in the patch notes. We never intended for items to have double luck, and by design items should not have multiples of any perk.

    • We also did a tuning pass on a number of equipment shortly after release that have just recently made their way into the game. We made these changes because a number of new perks had been created, but were not well-represented on our named items. We updated a variety of our items with fixed perks to host the new effects. We understand this has disrupted some of your carefully tuned character builds. In the future we will be more discerning and forthcoming about any changes we made here.
  • Elite POI Difficulty Tuning - A number of POIs were increased in difficulty. We increased the difficulty of bosses, increased the number of enemies, increased the level of some enemies, and adjusted the placement of some elite chests. These were intentional changes that we missed in the patch notes. We wanted to increase the challenge of these end game areas.

    • As a part of this tuning pass we also adjusted some paths that allowed players to attack enemies from safe areas or skip enemies

    • As a part of this tuning pass the named enemies in Ebonscale Reach had their difficulty incorrectly increased too much, and we will be toning them down in a future patch

    • The Darkness Membranes in Great Cleave and Mourningdale also had their difficulty incorrectly increased resulting in enormous HP values, and we will be adjusting them down in a future patch also

  • Removed elemental quintessences as rewards from gathering elemental creatures - This was an intentional change that we made as a result of the number of these enemies and their spawn rates being much higher than when we originally designed the rewards for the creature. Our goal was to create better balance between these creatures and elemental stones & plants as sources of motes.

  • Reduced the amount of wlidwood required to make glittering ebony - this was an intentional change we made to make the cost of Gltterring Ebony in-line with the other epic crafting materials, such as Asmodeum and Phoenixweave.

  • Player to player trading is now possible in expeditions - this was an intentional quality of life improvement we forgot to document

  • Players can now see which trophies they have equipped from the bio screen - this is another intentional quality of life improvement we missed in the notes

  • Replaced Everfall well and Mourningdale statue with a fountain - this was an intentional change that was made in preparation for an upcoming player event.

Harvester Gear Set

In our latest update, we made a mistake that treated all tiers of the in-game Horticulture harvesting gear as future content, and unintentionally removed them from the game. This is an embarrassing mistake that is squarely our fault, and we apologize to our players who have had their harvesting and trading disrupted as a result.

We are working quickly to correct this and replace the lost items, targeting the next patch. Any player who had ever earned a single piece of this of this gear will be rewarded with a full set of bind on equip, Horticulture gear at the highest tier that was ever earned. The gear score for the replacement gear will be at the highest limit allowed per tier. This includes all Horticulture gear earned; whether you received it as a loot drop, it was traded to you, or you purchased it from the trading post. The items will be distributed directly to players and show up as a armor chest that will deliver the full set of gear.

Just when I think they might make all quintessences lootable they do the opposite. FFS I want to speak with the manager!!!

So…they went live with an update based on a beta build?

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is crafting going from 595-600 down to 585-600 intended?

Which actually makes no sense. If they made the changes before they branched the launch build then those changes would be in the launch build and thus already in the game for 6 weeks. Unless they undid the changes in the launch build, in which case one has to ask why they re-added them now. It is all a bit sketchy.


I love there cringe we messed up our bad on half of them. QA on point :+1:

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“This is an embarrassing mistake”

How about…

“This is an embarrassing Patch”

How about take Void Gaunt offline? Make it so you cant equip until you fix it?

They explained the crafting changes without explaining the changes at all, they keep dodging it.


LOL. the list of sh*t they forgot only included everything that would have the community sh8ting the bed. Did they think we wouldnt notice. How are they so inept. How? HOW ARE YOU GUYS SO GOD DAMNED BAD AT THIS??? I wish that the game was pure sh&t top to bottom so that I could just walk away and be glad to do it… but I want it to work. please stop ruining the game. lol… we forgot, we missed it, unintentional, oopsie doopsie we never had any idea people would take their in game efforts and toons so seriously (said nobody whos ever held a god damned remote or mouse in their lives)


its because someone tried to type something other than a canned robot’s response and the result is the same as every other attempt they make at anything. embarrassing failure all over what should and could be an exceptional experience.

If anyone is buying this then I have a very nice bridge to sell you, cheap !

Had they used the ptr correctly these changes wouldn’t of made it to live and annoyed the player base. Instead of rushing patches out and ignoring all the reports and not updating the ptr with changes before the live version… ya could just take the time to do it right?.

go try and solo Lady Genievene (35 elite) with simon, i went today to solo for my 3 faction dailies.
i am 60 and pre patch all those mini boss type elites were easy (as they should be to a 60).

today i am hitting them for 200 and they are literally chain stunning and killing me. had to go back to town to grab a variety of weapons to see if the weapons i was using was bugged or if they just got super buffed.

Turns out yep superbuffed, i have an easier time fightin the super buffed elites in Shattered Mountains.

simon and Lady G took 6-7 to kill, …this should not be happening at 60 period.

could only imagine a group of 40’s trying to do those quests there, only to find a fast painfull trip back to spawn.

they didnt just overtune a few certain bosses, they overtuned EVERYTHING…
Challenge = fine, making non raid type open world mobs into Raid content mobs = not fine

dial it back to pre patch levels, and SLIGHTLY buff trash mobs…SLIGHTLY.
buff the mini bosses/bosses SLIGHTLY MORE…again SLIGHTLY.

and knock it off with this more ppl in area superbuff mobs BS.

want harder mobs?, then have certain areas that require 50+ people, small areas in ES, SM, Reek (above the current). there is lots of room for small areas that can be put to use for zergs with more challenging content.

voila raid type content for zergs, progression for everyone else at a reasonable rate.


I confirm, the over-tuned elites aren’t restricted to 60+ areas. All low level elites are boosted big time too, to the point that some are now hard for level 60 small groups, so not killable for players at the right level.

You have to completely reverse the whole change, and then FINE TUNE (understand the word “FINE” ???) the 60+ elite areas you want to boost.

I’m tired of your amateur management of this game, AGS, seriously. What where you thinking when doing that, do you even use test server data and play your own game ???


Just read that “oopsie doopsies” paper towel for an oil spill response again and saw…
“in preparation for an upcoming player event”.

I really would just like to say to anyone that might relay this to anyone that can take it under consideration…

Stop adding, start fixing. Please, just… fix the game. I dont mean “fix” as in make it perfect for everyone. I mean, just fix the actually obviously broken things before you add anything else. The players will appreciate that.


Awesome mate, awesome :joy:

for weeks since 1.0.4 I have been unable to craft at multiple stations, it is a game breaking bug, and needs to be fixed. I’m on a low pop server and have full storages and I can’t put anything in the market because it says the settlement storage is full. I can’t do anything with the materials because I can’t craft at most stations. you add stuff in and fix all these other bugs, but won’t fix the bug a lot of ppl are having that makes them not even want to get on the game. there is no point to gathering if you can’t craft, for a high crafting meta game to have a broken crafting system it pointless. for me being a craft heavy character it really destroys my drive to even try to play the game.

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this. I could try to ride it out when i had the ability to gather and craft. now the outfitter stations dont work, day 3.


Oops our fault, that’s on us guys.

See you in Aeternum!

https://www.reddit.com/r/newworldgame/comments/qyehuh/an_ags_interview/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf essentially how ags is.

waiting for my harvesting gear back