Unfair BAN- Please help

Hello, Guys!

Thank you for your post, but remember bans are only handled by the appeals team. Let’s make sure you’re following our normal appeal a ban procedure.

  • To file a Ticket, make sure it is as detailed as possible in your appeal to ensure it’s processed quickly.
  • Once we receive an appeal, we do our best to review and respond to it quickly. If overturned, the ban is removed from your account.

Things to remember:

  1. All reports are manually reviewed by a human, and no part of our game moderation is automated.
  2. Submitting multiple appeals won’t expedite the review of your ban. Additionally, you can only appeal a ban once.
  3. Make sure your Amazon Games Account and Steam Account are linked.

Linking your Amazon and Steam accounts gives you access to the game forums, and allows us to authenticate your game account, and provide support for Amazon Games.
Link your Amazon and Steam account, Here’s the link. Amazon Sign-In (Amazon Sign-In)

  1. Go to Account Settings.
  2. Select Link your Steam account.
  3. Sign in with the Steam credentials of the account you want to link.

Note: Check out our Amazon Games Code of Conduct https://www.amazon.com/gp/help/customer/display.html?nodeId=GK4QHHHAC82SQTS8&pop-up=1) for additional info.

Hope this helps!


Hi, can anybody help me with this. My Brother received a permanent ban for talking about Gold Sellers in chat. We where online doing some mining when people started talking about the broken gold system.
My brother mentioned that fixing the economy is difficult because of call sellers.
Within 2 min he received a permanent ban, appealing to this is not resulting in anything. They don’t even wanna say why he is permanent ban, only that it was against the rules what he did.
Can please some one look in to this???
His name is: Fluut
Server: Amenti


We all know how to appeal a ban. It doesn’t work. Customer server simple copy paste a stupid script and I doubt even look at logs to check

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Fanboys like you are the reason why Devs and publishers never get better and get worst. Always protecting publishers and devs as if they’re your parents.

Another copy paste script.

It would be nice if someone actually looked a bit more into the matter and gave me more information on how exactly is it I hacked. I never hacked in my life and stand by my statement.

Chat support clearly stated that i had no “penality” yet I’m banned and Appeal was denied.

Posting here will not help your case. You must follow the appeal process. Please use the link below if you feel you’ve been wrongly banned. Good day sir.


You are asking for information no one on the boards can provide you.
If customer support says “ban stays!” then very likely your friend isnt as clean as he makes you believe.
You dont know for sure, because nobody would admit being at fault for something like this.

See I was late to the party

Again, you assume I’m guilty without any proof whatsoever.
There’s simply no way for me to prove I’m Innocent when I don’t even know what they Cheat they accuse me of using. WE GET NO INFO WHATSOEVER


I thought it was a friend of yours?
But it doesnt matter anyway, because to repeat it: everyone will always claim his innocence in public.
Pointing out which specific cheat or activity it was doesnt change a thing, because the accused one would already know it. You wont be banned because you encounter a bug that is beneficial to you, you will be flagged and very likely banned if you try to repeat this bug.
They dont need to tell you because its their right to remove players on a whimp, but in doing so they always need to be wary about the backlash (like you currently are putting up here).

It doesnt lead to anything, neither for you, nor for your friend.
Its not like we dont believe in your words, its just you never know what your friend actually did unless you share the same body and are always awake at the same time.

I’m posting from a friends profile since Getting banned blocks you from posting on the forums…

I don’t know why i was banned. I HAVE NOT CHEATED


You and amazon make me laugh.
Perhaps they can remove the ban from the forums so I could use my own account, how about that?

And thank you for being able to reads the TOS. this was huge help

Bans are not supposed to be discussed on the boards to avoid the mess you or your friend have created here.

You would like to hear “you have been banned because we have identified your aimbot” so you know that you can use every other cheat that was running at the same time?
Thats the reason no clear answer is given other than the “you have been caught cheating” or “you have been caught exploiting a bug”. Because you cant provide details to make the cheat better…

Bans are not supposed to be discussed on the boards to avoid the mess you or your friend have created here.


That part is laughable. My brother got banned and the ban appeal dude only told him that the ban remains and did not even tell him what he did (permaban for disruptive behavior). They literally gave a bot answer saying the ban remains, copy pasted the ToS and then said the discussion is close and ban not further discussed.

Where can you try to be heard if the system itself doesn’t want to hear you challenge the ban?


He just got a default answer that everybody is getting, why not share the details why his account got banned? I now the ban system is not working.

In a interview about Lost Ark most of the interview went over de ban system Amazon uses and people scared that Lost Ark is getting the same system.

Hello everyone!

I’ve read all your comments and I know you all want information about your penalties.

However, as @YiYi previously mentioned, bans are only handled via web ticket and we can’t disclose any information about penalties through chats or the forums.

Here’s the link if you need to appeal a ban: Appeal a Ban - Support | Amazon Games.

Please do not use the forums to appeal a ban.

Appeals should be sent by the owner of the account, which means other players can’t send an appeal on another player’s behalf.

Hope you all have a nice day!