Unfair bans and not getting any information

So yesterday my topic was closed with this response on Unfair bans:

ZorojuroCustomer Service


Hello everyone!

I’ve read all your comments and I know you all want information about your penalties.

However, as @YiYi previously mentioned, bans are only handled via web ticket and we can’t disclose any information about penalties through chats or the forums.

Here’s the link if you need to appeal a ban: Appeal a Ban - Support | Amazon Games .

Please do not use the forums to appeal a ban.

Appeals should be sent by the owner of the account, which means other players can’t send an appeal on another player’s behalf.

Hope you all have a nice day!

But requesting more information by an Appeal is not working, people are getting default answer without any information or reason for the ban.
Is there any way to get in contact with some one that can share information about bans?

The frustrating fact is this appeals process is garbage, noone is getting any information from your appeals team based in India that doesn’t even read server logs.

We’ve had 2 of our crafters banned simply by handling materials from market places that I assume were duped at some point, this is not their fault and there has been no help or transparency from AGS staff.

These people paid money for a product that’s been wrongfully ripped away from them, this is not acceptable anymore Amazon, look at your forums something has gone wrong with your policing of the issues and this needs to be addressed.

We all want fair play and cheaters should be punished, but this isn’t war and innocent people caught in the crossfire of others misdeeds is not acceptable excuse for simple negligence of your duties as a game manager.

Hello @emiel143!

Unfortunately as stated by my peer previously the only way to get information regarding the penalty would be over the website. Outside of the team that handles the appeals made through the website no one else can disclose any information about penalties. As well they are the only ones with access to the information.

Go ahead submit the appeal and request to know which policy or point of the code of conduct was broken.

You can check it out over here:

Amazon.com Help: Amazon Games Code of Conduct.

Hope the information is of assistance.

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