Unfair Play/Exploit: Faction Switching/Teaming To Isolate a 3rd Faction In Open World/Wars

“Just break TOS too bro lawl”


Check out the Ice Gauntlet invincibility exploit team.
We’ll be recording their “frozen” gameplay and posting it on here.
16 greens and 29 purples lol.

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Finding a needle in a haystack: /

Sorry, but I don’t see what is technically wrong with this. I don’t see the “exploit”. How is this not forming an alliance? This is a sandbox after all. What is stopping your company/faction from doing the same this in response?


It’s not a violation of TOS. Stop crying like a child or go back to hello kitty island.


I don’t care that purple are teaming up with a 15-man Marauder company, just so they can fill up 29 out of 50 slots with purples.

I care that purple will exploit every aspect of this game to gain an unfair advantage. We are already expecting time gator to exploit Ice Gauntlet Entombment Invincibility Exploit; and we will be recording every moment of it.

They have a history of windowed mode exploit and ice gauntlet exploit in wars on Belovodye server, on video as seen above. They don’t even try to hide it because they even live twitch stream themselves doing it.

It would be silly for AGS or anyone to consider what you described as an exploit. If one faction is grossly overpopulated, of course the other two factions should be able to work together to push influence for the chance to declare.

Most companies that aren’t giant zerg companies have to work together with other companies to participate in wars and defend/etc. If two groups have a cross-faction alliance, even if temporary, good for them.

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all the elderscrolls online pvp’rs - Welcome to Cyrodiil

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The issue here is that the situation is completely reversed of what you described. Purple is the grossly overpopulated/zerg faction. That is upset that Marauders and Covenant have been helping each other in Wars to overcome their advantage by having more high lvl and geared players than either green or yellow alone. Which I again add is an intended feature of the game in regards to wars.

What is happening here, is an attempt to bypass the 3rd party from helping. As you can see, the roster is already 60% purple, almost all of whom escorted this 10 man green company. That company is, as I said above, working for purple. As is entirely obvious from the screen shots and videos. They also have not been on the server long as evidence by there low levels and no one on green saw them before last week. This could mean an array of things, but my whether they are transfers stuck on green trying to go purple, alt accounts made for this exact purpose, being paid etc… You can bet that these purple “helping” will just declare war on it right after if it is taken. Then find that these Knightbringers set up the defense to where purple can easily take it.

Anyway regardless of that bit. To your specific point, even if this was a legitimate team up between green/purple, it would mean the end of the Covenant on our server. We are very much the underdogs and struggle to even match the other factions in open world to push influence as they can. I doubt AGS intended for two factions to team up beyond Wars, where it is a 50v50 match up, in order to completely eliminate any chance of real competition from the 3rd faction.

If they are ok with this, then they simply need to say so and we can look into pulling the old uno reverse card. However, the state of the game is already pretty bad, this kind of thing just adds another level of stupid to it by now allowing this kind of thing to become necessary.

In the end, I am just looking for a yay or nay to what has been showcased in the OP by AGS.

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You called it an exploit, that’s not an exploit. Finding a gold duplication bug and using it to amass hundreds of thousands of gold is an exploit. Finding a way to bug a mining node and get tons of legendary mats is an exploit.

If green does flip the zone, it doesn’t matter if purple helped or it was all green. It stinks that you lost it, but that’s the nature of pvp. If purple takes it back right after, well, then those green hopefully wisen up for next time.

I play yellow too, and we’re underpopulated and can struggle to push influence during primetime. Organize, and plan better. Ask a friendly company to push a more valuable zone of theirs at the same time to be a distraction. Organize as many friends as you can to push on a saturday morning or something before you can get zerged down.

I understand you’re frustrated, but if you take a step back and be realistic about the situation - there’s nothing that the devs could even do. “Purple shouldn’t be allowed to do this” - banning them would be absurd, that’s out. There’s no mechanical changes that could be implemented to stop the behavior, so that’s out. Like, what exactly do you want here other than to vent?


I don’t know how else to explain this, it’s fine if you disagree, but it seems you’re among those that believe if it is mechanically “allowed” it isn’t an exploit.

I’d refer you to their TOS/CoC, they forbid things like match throwing and win-trading, which also cannot be affected by mechanical changes. The only way they could enforce this is with evidence of the behavior that went against what they consider fair play. Which they state they reserve the right to decide what is considered unfair play. To me, this kind of thing goes completely against the 1v1v1 open world dynamic. It also makes what is already a difficult task for the underpopulated faction, into that much more of a chore.

If you can explain to me a legitimate reason to help another faction to declare war, when you could push influence for yourself, in this kind of 1v1v1 setting where each faction is trying to gain territory for themselves… Well I am all ears. Yes the War’s allow the 3rd party to help in those, but that will always be a 50v50 situation.

Again, what we are looking at here specifically is a deliberate attempt to circumvent an actual mechanic of allowing a 3rd party to fight in wars, specifically denying green to help yellow on defense. This is a faux green company being protected/supported by purple, who they are really supporting. This is the only logical reason for purple to have this kind of vested interest in supporting a green company to take a territory they could have gone for themselves. Also again, the green roster is really a purple roster for the war. You can bet that this trend will continue until yellow is off the map. Then suddenly these green territories that were taken by “Knightbringers” in purples name, will find themselves attacked by those same purple. With a half-assed defense put in and now they become purple territories.

What I am looking for here is an answer from AGS on whether this falls in or outside of what they consider fair play. To me it should fall outside of it, which you or anyone can disagree with, I won’t be mad at anyone for having an opinion opposed to mine. An answer, or lack of one, will affect how much more involved I get with New World personally. I came for some straight forward, log in and just have fun gameplay. Not another Eve where your company needs to spend time not playing to make back-room deals all the time.

Again this is just me, if Amazon is cool with it, their game and I will drop the issue. I appreciate any replies to this, for or against, as it increases the chances of getting an actual answer.

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That is the entire purpose of having 3 factions and mimics multiple game’s intended mechanics. This isn’t even a new concept. Litteraly by design; the game encourages social relationships in the form of both rivalries and partnerships. There is no exploit or game throwing of any kind going on here. You quoted the rules yourself; its sad that you would knowingly say otherwise.

This game still needs tons of balances and fixes to keep one faction from taking over too easily. The underdog still needs a bigger advantage. That should NOT however come in the form of controlling human interaction. Im on a faction where purple was in last, with green and yellow allied against us. Purple is still managing to win back territory by making friends and smart plays. Making up “exploits” doesn’t help anyone, it just distracts from legitimate discussions on faction mechanics.

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Have you ever been in a pvp match where your team is doing well, but someone is sitting on a capture point, not moving, not losing hp, and taking the point that you can’t do anything about?

I agree Mechanics need adjusting but that’s not what’s being asked.
What’s being asked is for them to stick with their intended faction, that has MORE than enough people to support them & not exploit to claim they did everything with fairness.

That’s with legitimacy, I would like to assume. We’re asking for something to be done so it’s not a 100% “we win wars cause we’re invincible 90% of the match”

The Knightbringers company is a marauder company that declared war on covenant owned First Light. They Declared war as a marauder company on first light, but stacked exclusively syndicate fighters alongside their 5 man group. We believe the KnightBringers are working with the Syndicate to concede the territory from the marauders after they win. I believe this goes against the Code of Conduct line “Do not: engage in behaviors that reduce or disrupt the enjoyment of the game for others. This includes spamming chat, griefing, throwing matches, boosting, win-trading, trolling, or spoiling the game by sharing unreleased or confidential materials.” specifically for win trading. Here is a screenshot of the roster of the war against First Light. The company intentionally removed green from the roster, replacing it all with purple, and removing greens from the standby list as well. Syndicate after the war was thanking the greens for “giving them the most territories” etc, also implying that it was all planned to give FL to the purples after they won.

As expected, here is ice gauntlet exploit being used in war by syndicate again.
No shame.

And what they’re not telling you Hairball is that these guys, covenant and marauder, have not gone to war ONE TIME since the server opened on september 29.

They’re not telling you that they’ve never declared war on each other SINCE LAUNCH.

Today, October 26, is the first time that yellow vs. green legit war has occurred on our server.

For a whole month covenant and marauder on our server have just pushed each other’s territories into conflict to reset influence gains by syndicate and never declare war.

You’re being lied to. You know you’re being lied to when they post pictures of multiple healers dropping sacred ground and calling that an exploit. It’s cringe and it’s embarrassing.

They are mostly getting the right response to their thread: indifference and people telling them to stop complaining and do something themselves.

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I’m confused about what you think this proves. Thousands of people have to deal with this. They even mentioned this occurring in patch notes and Amazon explicitly said they have plans to fix this in the future. It’s a server problem. It’s not some calculated maneuver to somehow lag you guys out and apparently they remain lag free?

Why are you clinging to this like it’s some gotcha? It’s really embarrassing.

What’s really embarrassing is that you pretend that this is okay.
Along with taking brightwood using windowed mode exploit while maygun live-streams the whole event, while she’s screaming “THE FREEZE IS REAL” on live stream.
Purple has yet to even win a war without exploit.

Watch closely at Maygun’s health bar in “windowed mode” invincibility exploit in Brightwood too.
Now that’s embarrassing

Tell me a war that you guys won without exploiting the game.

Except you can actually see her continue to swing her axe**(corrected from hatchet) throughout that clip, which she could not do if she were in windowed mode, and you see her health going down and then shooting back up to heals, where the invincibility glitch PREVENTED all damage. You can actually see through the swinging the server attempting to catch her up with the action going around her. The evidence you’re using disproves your very point.

The people claiming exploits don’t even fully understand them, and throw their accusations out anyways. It’s why it is so hard to take the people who claim exploit after every loss seriously.