Unify ES/EN servers


Looking at the database of the servers related to those that are ES/EN, there is a fairly significant drop in them.

This has led some players to move to other more popular servers in order to have more activity and camaraderie, it would be good to take these servers or worlds and make them one.

Here I leave a table to find with numbers.

Arkadia Rho (ES/EN) US East 47 / 2000

Westernesse Rho (ES/EN) US West 46 / 2250

Nibiru Mu (ES/EN) SA East 41 / 2000

The most I have seen on each of these servers is a maximum of 200 people, which I think is very low when doing various activities that involve more players.

I think that this type of measure will help a lot in the gameplay for Spanish-speakers who belong to America.

Hey there jualark, this is a great suggestion and one that I will happily forward up to the Dev team. Take care!

Hello Zelme.

Thank you very much for your answer, I honestly hope that if this idea is taken into account and see how this is given some promotion.

I have faith that this will bring the community closer together.

Thanks again.

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