Unify the World Sets so that we can log into any of them

Why don’t you just unify the World Sets in such a way that we can log into any of them, with a single character?

In this way we can play on new servers without changing the capacity, and play with friends from the same World Set, at any time or world.

Obviously, the conquered lands of each clan should be separated between the different worlds of the World Set. That is, if a clan owns First Light in Kor, it will not necessarily be the owner in Larissa.


Very bad idea in my opinion…

But they should make it possible to do a free character transfer server every 6 months per character or something. That would be amazing.
But there are server transfers coming so just transfer to the server of your friend then…?

You put a lot on time and effort in the game getting a territory and then you lose it because people from other servers log in or? Do i misunderstand what you ment?

Maybe they can make a future that you can play as a ‘guest’ on a friends server from you friendslist… while it doesnt affect the faction % and the companys in that server keep there territorys and stuff but I dont really see a good reason to put time and money in it.

I got this game because the big reason you can make a company, own territory, i think that’s really an awesome part of the game. So I think it’s a bad idea

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From what I have read, they are using the Lumberyard system. It is the same system Star Citizen uses. The system unfortunately can only handle a smaller populace per server than we are used to seeing in other MMO’s. So I believe its a limitation of the structure used when creating New World.

I was thinking of what OP suggested before, Or they could make Transfers available whenever a Server is over-populated. Either way would work I believe.

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I understand your point. To avoid this, they could put a limitation, so that the clans do not have territories in different worlds.

I find it more exciting to be able to change worlds, than to be trapped in one, where the fight for power becomes a zero-sum game.

Good idea,

From what Dutchcash says, I understand that concern, but it is the same within a single server, anyone can come and take your territory.

But of course, clans could be limited so that they can only have territories on one server at a time, but that members can play on any other. So clans without territory can try to get one in any world.

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But what if a whole company or even bigger like a discord guild of 50, 100 or 200 is going to play on another world?
Wouldn’t it inbalance it? Or the factions?

I don’t really understand why you should want to play in another world?

Same amount of players, same ‘map’ ?
Only thing that is difference is the factions % and the territories owned? But if you want to keep that the way it is (what is the most fair) what is the benefit?

If they make an option that you can do a server transfer every 3 or 6 months with your character, like changing your faction every 120 days is a better idea I think.
Or just transfer your character to another server next coming weeks so all your friends are together.

I also made a character on a server wich is 90% my native langauge (still lvl 1) but I will play and level on that sever also letter when I get bored on my main

I have no problem with a ‘company’ coming to another server and do PVP missions and declare war and take a territory. But I tought OP ment that if players from other servers go to another server, the faction or territories (who owns what) gets adjusted just by those people coming on your server and next day the play again on there own server…

It shouldn’t be like a governor owns a territory, another governor from another server who owns the same territory there then get the territory?
Or that faction % change in the server

I also notice that days before launch some people were already trying to recruit hundreds of players, making discords, they start at launch and play for like 18 hours a day and sleep 6 hours… like ‘professional guilds’ from other games…

What will happen?
They wil switch servers constantly with there main accounts.
I won’t be suprised if in the future then 60-80% of the territories belong like that kind of guilds what in my opinion ruins that part of the game a little bit for normal players or players that play it less ‘professional’…

Because when doing PVP missions and stuff, they just ask the people from another server to come over and 100 extra people join. See them camping just out windward already killing every flagged up that comes outside to go do counter attacks at fort or pvp missions that the enemy does

I cant imagine that amazon not tought about things like this before
And that they found out that its a bad idea, or technically difficult or it can make the game unbalanced or unfair or something.
I see a lot of (good) suggestions and idea’s on this forum but I think a lot of people don’t really think about how much influence changes can have on the whole game, balance, capicity’s, if a game gets unfair or not and how much time and money it will cost

The benefits are simple, the players are distributed so you can always play at any time, avoiding having dead worlds since they will always have players.

If it were a technical complication, I would understand why it was a bad idea.
But if it’s only because of the social part of wanting to have a controlled and unchanged world, then I don’t see any sense in it. A Discord clan might decide that on the next transfer, they will enter your world and you will be affected …

The transfer is exactly the same as what I am proposing, but without limitations of every so many months and only between the same World Set.

Yes, there are many ideas, good and bad, but if they provide solutions to real problems they should be considered.

But I don’t see a problem?
The next weeks free server transfers for your character(s) will be avalaible. So just transfer to the server wich your friends are playing on?

Distributing the players they are already working on… you have a lot of systems already in games like this that you cannot make a new character at busy hours or when the server is to full and when it’s get less and new players buy the game they can do it. So that’s a automatic system that will become stable in time because I guess they are also working on solutions like this. This means that the system keeps servers populated and not dieing. And when they die they will merge servers. Its mostly automatic. If people can switch servers whenever they want its unpredictable and hard to automate. So more chance dead servers or queue times.

‘Dead worlds’ or worlds wich population get less they will merge with other worlds (maybe with the possibilty to choose a server again).

When you can change ever 120 days okay, but when you can do it all the time I think personally its just a bad idea.

What about the streamers with 100.000 to 150.000 people playing on a server? And they just put in the text or in the screen there server name?

So when a guy like that is streaming a lot of his viewers, thousands will switch to a server?

I think it’s just a lot more problems it can create behind the scene’s

That’s also one of the queue problems on some servers… there were streamers who have 100.000 or more viewers while there streaming and they just announce ‘i am going to play on valhalla’ or something

good idea, but what would be easier would just have worlds largest server farm/company who hosts servers as AWS, boot up thousand servers, so it can have 10k people playing in each world.

I cant belive this havent been done, its a joke and they could easily just take them down and use them for AWS afterwards…

You think of very chaotic scenarios that are more likely to occur during the transfer week than with the model I comment.

Again, the idea is between World Sets… the fearsome streamers or clans of Discord, will not be able to pass from the US to the EU, or from Vanaheim Xi -EU to Vanaheim Eta -EU.

You keep saying there are no problems with the current model…
Regarding merge:
By merging a world with low population, what will happen to the clans that are still active and their territories, do you take them away? Ah! there is a problem.


At the moment with 2k the areas are quite populated. I don’t think they can go more than 2500 without saturating the points of interest.
Although it would be nice if they manage to implement it.

Overseer Zane 20 people spawnkilling it, cant be 100.

But they put a limit on char. registration per server and put 28 servers on ‘full’
There working on it
Things will get better soon

This mainly. The character limit is most probably not a technical limitation per se. At 2k the servers are very, very stable in my opinion. Upping it to 2.5k, 3k and possibly even higher will probably not impact server performance that much at all.

What it may very well impact on the other hand though is:

  1. Client side framerate. More characters, more crowded areas, especially in cities, to worsen performance for many players on lower end hardware.
  2. Overcrowding ileading to problematic resource gathering, named mobs being camped too much, etc.

Once players spread out more in terms of level range, position on the map, etc. it might become easier to up the player capacity per server.

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2500 maybe oke. They shouldn’t make it to high. Ruins the game.

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