Uninitialized Achievements

I get this about 5 times a week, log off and back on some times its fixed, most the time it’s not. If you do instance event it gets partially fixed, meaning you can see what achievements you have completed but the totals don’t show up properly. when talking with friends this seems to be a issue multiple people have.
Today I got the issue logged of restarted steam, issue wasn’t fixed, logged off restarted computer, issue wasn’t fixed, logged off verified file integrity logged back in the still the issue remains.

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as old as the game. sadly

I know this is an old issue, it would be nice if it could be fixed. Currently the only thing that I know works is logging out and back in, but not really a reliable fix, as over 80% of the time when you log back in its still broken. For a partial fix you can load into any instance, OPR/Arena/expedition, but when fixed this way the counts of achievements completed will be incorrect.

Thanks for reporting this. What is your character name and server name?

Black Magus, Maramma

I doubt this will ever get fixed…

For what it’s worth, they’re still trying.

The team is indeed working on this issue.

came here to report this

Thanks for letting us know you’ve had this issue as well.