Uninstalling after 300 hours - Ive enjoyed it but im out

I have enjoyed the many pre release, beta’s and now 300 hours of live game. However, the recent issues and the lack of confidence I have in your development team I will no longer spend any time on this game.

I feel your development and community team respond after the community spams forums, you dont seem proactive and your developers seem clueless. It took posts on the official forums for step by step guides to duplicate before you took any action. You then disabled all markets etc for damage control but all you did was annoy your player base because of how late you left it.

Amazon claimed by various tweets the economy was healthy in response to people saying the economy was unsustainable and also stated they could track gold in and out. If that is true and you have stats on gold in and gold out then an ape in their sleep could program a script that monitors gold wealth and growth. Over time since launch you can build averages up and when duping occurs its EASILY DETECTABLE and reported using an automated system, you developers havent got a clue. That example would have take 20-25 minutes to implement.

Anyway, the final straw was actually whilst i was offline. I was watching a twitch stream of a war and watching the entire enemy team use hatchets and life staffs. Watch level 60 players in amazing gear get 3 hit by hatchet abusers confirmed my thoughts. Why have you not disabled hatchet abilities, stop the abuse, you are not proactive and single handedly capped the potential of this game.

Perhaps ill be back one day, perhaps not.


I will leave a word and leave: Incompetency.

Do not even bother replying me, Mr. Whiteknights. Have fun with this thing.


Leaving today too, and my friend. Byee Sad World.


See you later bud, what 2 weeks and you’ll be back.

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