Universal Auction House is the only solution for balance

As it stands now, one or two territories have a stranglehold on auction house trade (usually Windsward and Everfall). The companies that control these make exponentially more profits than all the other company-controlled territories combined. On our server the company controlling Windsward and Everfall actually had to create new dummy companies to bank their profits.

This trade stranglehold, combined with the lag in Wars that rewards gearscore rather skill, means that by the time all bugs are fixed and lag eliminated (if this actually happens), the companies that have been able to control Windsward and Everfall since launch will have an insurmountable advantage. They will be so far ahead in wealth and gear (being able to buy all their members top gear) that it’s going to be impossible to catch them. When the new content comes out, and the gearscore cap is raised, they have the banked funds and gear to clear it immediately, gaining the advantage to hold the best territories. Rinse, repeat.

In the absence of drastic changes to the game (like eliminating company or faction control of cities), the easiest way to level the playing field would be to switch to a universal auction house. Instead of there being one in each city, there would be one auction house accessible from anywhere, with goods bought and sold from anywhere. This would mean territories like Windsward and Everfall would cease being de facto capitals, and give other cities a chance. It would create a decentralized economy with certain cities specializing in different types of production based on the resources near them (mining circuits, harvest centers etc.). There would be no need to congregate in Windsward or Everfall to sell what you make because you could do it from anywhere. Companies could then adjust taxes and fees in order to lure more residents to their cities. It would make for a much more dynamic game.

The alternative to this is not necessarily dead servers, but one faction servers, which will eliminate wars and open world PvP. Now perhaps that is an unstated goal of development, to move entirely to a cross-faction PvP model like Outpost Rush. But if Amazon wishes to preserve their competitive, three faction design, then the Universal Auction House is a solution.

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No. Settlement specific training posts force player gathering areas and encourage competition for control over said settlement.

I think I like the idea of a universal trader but the individual tax rate of the zones to keep them unique. If someone lists something in a heavier taxed zone to help out the controlling guild then so be it.

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The reason EF and WW are the most lucrative territories is 10000% due to Fast Travel’s scaling cost.

Universal Trading Post doesn’t even make sense with the way taxes work.


I think that’s fair. I do not like how quiet the fringe zones are for trading. I don’t really have a good idea on how to fix it either.

I’m a die-hard Monarch’s Bluff man myself. I think I’ve spent less time in Everfall than nearly any other zone.

They could perhaps add universal trading if they double taxed things, as a way to disincentive people from doing it while leaving it available as an option, but I think scaling travel costs really ruin the economy for the fringe settlements.

Or rather, if costs scaled as a % of max rather than actual weight carried.

IDK, I’m a simple man who just wants combat to be more Souls-like :man_shrugging:t3:

Brightwood for LIFE.

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My home and most of my time are in Brightwood.

The amount of points on my house every few days is embarrassing. The trader there isn’t as central hub as I’d like but it’s not awful.

That’s a great idea, having the tax on local access to universal trade be adjustable. It would be another way to compete between cities.

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