Unjust ban and I got pranked by Customer Service!

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My brother and I are in the same situation. He has been perma banned since Nov 17th. We are still fighting for a fair chance at someone reviewing his account to have him unbanned. I can see they gave you a reason which is interesting. We’ve been requesting a specific reason to my brothers ban for weeks without any luck.

Only advice I can give is to keep trying to appeal. Unfortunately the automatic ban wave system that was implemented into the game was a major failure. Too many honest and innocent players got stung for no reason.

No contact with devs or community managers will be able to escalate your situation. We’ve already gone down that path - I feel the only way is to keep appealing via the ticket system (make sure you include backup logs as evidence and upload via a trackable source so you can view if the links are opened).

I’ll link my post which might have some information for you based on what we’ve experienced… Unjust Ban Without Explanation or Reasoning



trackable source? what are they? can you give me some link for that?

btw i saw screenshots that CS said the ban reason, it says “Do not Unban - trophy duper list from 11/14, escalate” and the “Do not Unban” words is interesting, i believe there is no appeal moderator and email response are sent by CS and thats copy pasted or might be sent by bots… 100% there is no appeal moderators. and from that words i believe all the ban are auto-ban. and the ban appeals are just for formality. ban appeal are useless.

There is no ban appeal Moderator
"Do not Unban" words proof there is banning bot, email response sent by bots

no wonder why farming bots / fishing bots arent banned, because AGS is using bots for their ban appeal and email response!

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Hello, i’m one of those who didn’t get details about banned for “cheating” since the 12th of november, i went through the same stuff sending appeal and live chat for a month, made topic detailing my thoughts on my case, can give you a link if you like to read ( which one got closed instantly without explanation thanks to a mod )

I’m really jealous how you managed you get details on your ban, the most i could have is someone from live chat making a ticket for me but ended wasting 2 weeks without answer ( supposed to take 3days+ as he said ) right now i got someone else to do the same and it’s been 3 days now.

There not much to do, you get ban from the first mod, i’m confident to think it took them fews minutes to take this decision, the appeals you send aren’t been looked at you get a nice copy pasta in 20 mins or you never get an answer at all.
this is as serious assumption which get confirmed by the number of similar case and others similar problems, makes me believe there far not enough mods in AGS to actualy have time to solve our issues carefully.

Here some of people case if you want to read i think they are interesting enough :

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Well who are you or I? Amazon got their max $$ out of us with our $40. Streamers even if only influence 1 person a day bring in more $$ than any regular customer. You figure it out.

yea appealing is useless, the moderator is bots or lazy workers. i wasted my 730 hours on this game and i never did any kind of cheat like exploit, i only used overwolf minimap which is allowed by them. I mean they could give us a warning like at least temporary ban, not permanent ban. this is my first ban on this game and i got permanent ban. you know SolidFPS? that big streamer? they only got 24 hours ban even with proof of cheating and he knew what he did, while us got perm ban and we didnt know anything

I agree with you, we are nobody. this company is more capitalist than capitalist

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Many countries have enacted laws to preserve and protect a user’s online information that a company holds. Under the CCPA or GDPR you can submit a written request to Amazon for them to supply a comprehensive copy of all of your records and how they have been used. Additionally, some countries have online safety laws to protect you from unsafe content; you may have some recourse to appeal an unjustified ban if the complainant did so unjustly.

Unfortunately, as soon as you submitted your logs to customer support, your user request was closed and marked as complete. Aside from obtaining logs for compliance purposes, there is limited information that a customer service representative could use from those logs. If your backup logs showed that your EAS login was successful, customer service may have been able to initiate a reversal request, but it is highly unlikely. The EAC processes in your backup logs can be searched with this query:

[Info]: [EasyAntiCheat] Initializing EAC game client module…;

this will not supply you with a reason, only a successful login attempt or disconnect. After you get your user ID, you can submit an additional ban appeal directly through EAC’s website.

Hopefully your user account records will disclose the reason you were banned; it seems like information you should have a access to - but AGS’ EULA may state otherwise.

yes and after that it says “…EAC game client module initialized successfully.” i dont really understand about that, all i want just have my ban get revoked

this will not supply you with a reason, only a successful login attempt or disconnect. After you get your user ID, you can submit an additional ban appeal directly through EAC’s website.

I’ve sent in a ticket, over a month ago. EAC didnt even bother to reply with a canned, copy paste like AGS does.

this response is proof that they are bots

As a result, your [GAME] account remains permanently banned

they even didnt see my evidence

In my opinion, you should be eligible under the GDPR “… to send you a copy of all the data they have ever collected about you.” [1]. Which should also include the details about why they banned you. If that will at the end help you to get unbanned? I do not think so. The TOS are quite self-explanatory, I do not see jurisdiction in your favour there.

[1] GDPR Virtual Identity (https://ec.europa.eu/info/sites/default/files/virtual_idenitity_en.pdf)


Isn’t there any legal action you can take ? Since you paid for this.


I know this doesn’t help with the issue of your ban - but if a bit of consumer justice ends up being the closest you can get to being made whole, you at least have options in that regard:

As a last practical resort, you can (and should) contact the bank or payment processor that submitted your payment and request a charge back (transaction reversal). In all likelihood, you will get your money back more or less immediately, and if Amazon wants to contest that decision then the burden (and cost) of doing so will fall upon them. However, keep in mind that if you go this route, it is likely to burn any and all bridges between you and them permanently; companies—particularly huge, soulless ones—particularly hate being held financially accountable for their illegal/anti-consumer/evil activities.

If you live in the EU, Canada or Australia:
Consumer protection laws expressly prohibit the sale or rental of, or other real transaction involving digital goods or services without comprehensively specifying any and all possible reasons for which the purchaser might ever be denied full and uncompromised access by the merchant or any interested third party, and mandates complete compensation should any other unspecified circumstance ever cause or result in such a loss of access. This protection cannot be waived, and “catch-all” or open-ended clauses in EULAs which might otherwise circumvent such rights are expressly illegal. Whether you consent to and/or sign it or not, a company’s contract with you is wholly non-binding if any part of it fails to meet this standard in its entirety. Even if you DID violate the EULA, by failing to provide you with a clear reason—i.e. one matching a valid, non-general and specific provision of said EULA—for the subsequent denial of your access to services, their entire EULA is null and void and you are thus entitled to your money back as due recourse. If Amazon were ever to take retaliatory action—such as terminating your Amazon account—against you subsequent to your execution of said recourse, you would be entitled to even more compensation and should also contact a lawyer at that point.

If you live in the USA:
While the EULA is relatively unassailable on a legal basis due to the USA allowing consumer contracts to include waivers of rights, banks and payment processors that do not operate exclusively within the USA almost universally observe a “good faith” consumer protection philosophy and are typically quick to process a charge back upon request, whether or not you have actual legal entitlement to one. The process of disputing a charge back, however, heavily favors the merchant; IF it is contested, you are likely to eventually have your refunded money taken back (unless you are prepared to fight for it) - however, for purchases under a few thousand dollars, the proceedings required to do so will inevitably result in a (large) net loss for the merchant after all is said and done, and it is thus unlikely that they would actually contest it. There is nothing stopping them from permanently terminating your Amazon account afterward, however, and they are very likely to do so regardless of any other outcome.

If you live elsewhere:
I am not familiar enough with the relevant statutes in other countries to advise you on the potential long-term consequences connected to your Amazon account, but I can say with confidence that almost all digitally-integrated banks and payment processors worldwide DO adhere to similar principles in the interests of protecting their clients; if you aren’t worried about the loss of your Amazon account, it is probably worth requesting a charge back.

Good luck, friend. <3

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