Unjust Ban Without Explanation or Reasoning

I’ll start off by saying this is on behalf of my brother. We both play together and as a result of these circumsatances he is not able to post on the forums as he has been banned in-game (but has never even posted here before). I do apologize in advance for the length of this post although some light needs to be shed on these issues as scanning this category other customers are in the same position.

In Game Name: Bowser
Server: Lerna (SEA)

Screenshots have been attached for some reference.

Bowser has been banned for ‘Cheating’. His last play session was on the evening of November 16th.

He has appealed his permanant ban mulitple times to only get the same pre-written and automated response from the Moderator Team/Department. He has requested multiple times for the specific reason as to why his account was banned for ‘Cheating’ and what specific actions he commited that are classified as ‘Cheating’.

As an honest player that has played in Alpha testing, Beta testing and on Live he has never Botted, Cheated, Hacked, Exploited or done anything that goes against the New World Terms of Service. The ban appeal team has not once been able to disclose to him via the correct channels how he has breached any of these.

As pictured, on the advice of Amazon Chat Live Support Services it was recomended that in his appeal to link evidence. Unkowningly the reason as to why he was banned for ‘Cheating’ it was difficult for him to provide any relevant evidence. The Support Agent recommended he provide BackUp Logs from his play session (which he did via a link to a Google Doc). He also provided links to screenshots via IMGUR showing the full list of his BackUp Logs and if requested he can provide any of those Logs to the Moderator Team / person investigating the appeal. The unfortunate part about Amazon Support and the Moderation Process to the bans is that the links he provided in the appeal show how many times they have been clicked on. The image links given have not been clicked on once therefore posing the question if the Moderation Team takes the appeals seriously? Futhermore, he was told to wait 24-48 hours for a reply to which he had to follow up after 3 days to get a response.

Following on from this frustation knowing nobody looked at his evidence he contacted Live Support Chat again to which they offered to open a Ban Appeal Ticket over the live chat. He emailed across his evidence via the attachements and the Support Agent gave him a refernce number and told him to wait 24-72 hours. Within the time frame he recieved an email reply. To no suprise, it was the same pre-written ban appeal response.

Support Agents have identified that other players have also been placed in the same situation of recieving a permananent bans without any consultation or explanation. Our Company’s (Acadians Company on Lerna Server) guild crafter IGN: Lemon Stealing has also been banned under these exact same circumstances.

If a Moderator does get this far down, please provide a solution as to how this ban can be reverted as it is not warranted. Will Bowser be able to play again or are we all wasting our time hoping that the Support Services are going to improve? Fair enough if the Moderation Team can give a specific reason - but they simply cannot. After 400+ hours of Live game time alone these actions against the player are so wrong (I won’t harp on the fact that there is no inbuilt warnings, any first time offence notification and the straight up account ban that makes him unable to post on the forums without having to appeal that as well).

Unfortunately there are geniune cheaters out there even on the Lerna Server that we play on that are openly (via Twitch Streams) using exploits such as duplicating items, stacking of food buffs in wars, crashing the server to avoid having to defend Settlements in Wars and the honest players get banned without any individual support is seriously poor. As a community based game all these false permanant bans are negatively affecting the wider player base and its evident as customers are moving on to play other games or just stopping entirely.

Hoping this can be esclated further and for some favourable response. Please reach out here or to Bowser via his Amazon Account Details.


I’ve seen mods on the forums undo bans in the past. I’m sure that the moderation team has been inundated with appeals but there really is no excuse to leave people out of the game for so long.

I have heard that people are being advised to just buy a new account as well. Which seems like an awful message to send. That they are fine with cheaters being in the game but only if they pay for more accounts.

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Did he use addons ie mini map?

@TheLawRich I’ve seen you look into these things in the past, Could you please take a look at these two cases. Sounds like they are in limbo and have been for some time

Totally aware that the Mods have a lot to go through. It’s just unfortunate that there isn’t even a direct contact line to the Mod Team to extend further correspondents on each case.

No logical person that has invested that much time will be willing to purchase another copy of the game to then put all those hours in again not knowing if the next time they login they will be greeted with a Permanant Ban notification…

No. He has never used any external software.

Yeah for sure, my commentary was definitely not a detraction from the predicament, it is not good enough for the situation to be unresolved as long as it is, and not providing a legitimate reason behind a ban is just wrong

Good luck OP, but be aware AGS has awful customer support. You’re not the only one to be banned unfairly, and from what I’ve seen, they don’t even bother to look into these situations. I expect they’ll be here soon to copy/paste their reply before locking the thread. Game is already dying. I hope this was a massive waste of money for them, they don’t deserve to succeed while treating their players like this.

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Will need all the luck with this one. Fingers crossed someone from the Moderator Team will stumble across this and actually look into it and provide reason for the ban or better, revert it as there is no reason…


Could you please advise why the 3/5 pictures I posted regarding what I wrote have been removed from the post? These pictures provided context to what has been written.

Edit 25/11/21 15:20 AEST
I have gone ahead and added back the images taken down. Please see below as per Live Chat Support confirmation. Thank you.

When authorities believe themselves above the need to show proof that they acted correctly, it is highly suspicious and more likely that they are covering up mistakes and corruption.
At the very least, a clear indication of what the ban was for is the mandatory minimum. They can’t even look that up?

And in the meantime, still no proof of bans for cheaters using Invincibility cheats way back around Update 1.0.2 and many cheats and exploits afterwards.
When there were so many reports with proof and you can even just go watch some recorded twitch streams.

It is clear that AGS does not care about fostering a player base of legitimate players.
Instead, they have continued to make New World a haven for cheaters and exploiters.

AGS, kindly remove yourself from the Fair Play Alliance. Your presence there is disgusting and discredits every other company there.


I feel for you man. I don’t play OPR very often, but after around 5 days of not playing a match,I played two matches, one where my team got stomped, and one where my team devastated the other team and I personally won three one on ones, I received a 7 day suspension for “hacking”. I was never, ever ever given any detail other than “suspended for hacking”, and I was “reported by several players”.

Here’s the thing: I don’t actually know if it has anything to do with anything that occurred in those two matches because they won’t tell me a single thing about it. I just think it’s not a coincidence that I win a series of 1 on 1s in an OPR match and get banned for “hacking” about 20 minutes later.

I have never done hacking in this game of any kind. After four of the seven days, they overturned the ban.

I recommend trying to call them to get the appeal expedited, or the request for further information to know what exactly you did wrong or what happened to make them think you did wrong.

For the record, I still to this day have no freaking idea what they thought I did wrong, and my first ban appeal was rejected with the exact same message as yours, which leads me to believe part of the appeals are automated.

Which is especially nonsensical, as part of the bans themselves are automated.

I didn’t believe auto-ban was a thing until it happened to me and took AGS at their word that every ban has someone reviewing the relevant information and making a decision. Maybe some are, but absolutely not every one.

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automated banning solutions should only exist if there is a responsive team to deal with appeals

Thanks for the comment. You’ve given a glimmer of hope. Happy that you were able to get your account back.

I’ll definitely get him to do this becuase the main problem is that nobody is able to provide a reason to exactly what he did wrong. Can’t get a clear answer from support despite being told that AGS support is a priority to its customers.

Hi @DrMysterious ! :wolf:

I hope everyone is doing great! :smiley:

I’m sorry to read about what happened to your brother with the ban. I would like to tell you the reason or give you further information but we don’t have access to that information.

My recommendation will be to send a new appeal through here Appeal a Ban - Support | Amazon Games and try to explain everything correctly including your past contacts.

Please remember all that New World doesn’t have auto-bans or auto-reports and the correct way to get the ban out is filing the ticket in the link I attached previously, contacting through chat or any other way will not help.

Hope you all have a great day!

Hi @Tenjiu ,

Thanks for taking the time to reply. Appreciate it.

In response to your reply, we are all already aware that Customer Service agents are not able to access this information - hence the reason I requested (and still hope) a Moderator is able to come across this post and provide a review/response.

He placed an appeal via the Web Ticket service this morning (6 hours ago) and also linked this post to the forums in the description of the appeal - yet to hear anything back.

I am aware that bans are not auto-bans and have never referenced AGS handing out auto-bans. To touch on the reasoning of why he has contacted Live Chat is to get as much information as possible as to the best method of contacting someone from the Moderation Department to answer the question as stated in the original post:

The fact that he is unable to post this himself here on the forums as he is banned in-game makes this all the more difficult.

Could I please request that you tag/forward/notify someone from the Moderation Team to please look into this? I am understanding that looking at the forums isn’t their job but there has to be someone from AGS that is willing to show some extra effort here as the customer support on this particular matter has been extremely poor.

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Hi @DrMysterious ! :wolf:

I would like to do so, however we don’t have permission, even if I do I’m afraid they won’t be able to take actions regarding an appeal, the correct way is doing what you/your brother already did some hours ago! :smiley:

I hope everything goes fine and if it was an incorrect ban, it will be taken off as soon as possible.

Stay safe!

If the team hasn’t looked at it already, it may be worth advising them to take a look at the ban appeal system. When I went through my successful ban appeal, the first few times I kept getting replies from the ban appeal link saying that wasn’t their team and to file a ban appeal, then giving me the exact same link I used the first time.

I went through this three times and went through several phone calls before I lost my patience and insisted the operator promise me he was absolutely forwarding my ticket to the people with decision making power and not just putting it in the ban appeal tube.

I dunno what info you’re privy to but my own experience and the info I was given leads me to believe there was an auto-ban. If I was reported by several people, banned, then it was reversed after some hassle before my suspension was up, that tells me one of two things. Either:

A. There is an auto-ban system
B. The system in place has a policy wherein the decision maker is the “auto ban” by simply looking for multiple reports and banning without investigating.


Nothing against you, it’s just that my own experience with this very nearly made me quit the game and I feel compelled to rebuff stuff that refutes AGS’s CS system being really really really bad.

I love the game but it’s not just the game bugs that needs work - the CS system needs serious work too. Especially when it appears the ban appeal system at one point was not actually sending ban appeals to the right location. No idea if this is still the case.


Mine had incorrect ban and still waiting after 3 weeks.

Guess life isn’t always fair

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