Unjust Ban Without Explanation or Reasoning

I think they need to confirm to you via e-mail that your ban stands and they’ve confirmed as such; I don’t think they should be saying why; no other major company does either.

Bump & Update - 6/12/21

After making some noise to @Customer-Service I finally recieved some communications that seemed like a CS Agent cared about helping the customer (me). How I was so wrong thinking this…

See the below image for the correspondents recieved.

I complied with all the requests listed in the email. Even provided screenshots of the full backup log list and noted in the reply if AGS Moderation needs a specific date to review to please let me know so I can provide it.

I provided 3 days worth of Logs, DxDiag Report, Screenshots, reasons and explanations, linked this forum post also.

It has now been over 3 days since all of this was sent and I have not recieved any response and as usual, am getting told by live customer support to continue to ‘wait’.

I am now fully confident that the Moderation Team does not look into the ban appeals holistically - if they did, they would have reversed this ban. There is no way possible that AGS has any evidence that any ToS/CoC was broken in this case. It’s almost as if they are scared to reverse a ‘Cheating’ ban and it is mind blowing that they still don’t have the capability to give a specific reason even when the Account Logs are in their hands!!

The automatic banning in New World is without doubt a major failure and by far the worst system implemented in any MMO I have played. The ‘Moderation Team’ is a close second. I am baffled that this far into release and a group of players are able to mass report an individual and succeed to have them perma banned for no reason.

Scouting the forums, Reddit and other networks it is clear that New World is now on the brink of being a dead game. The endless ongoing issues are evident of this - false automatic perma bans without explanation or reasoning included.

Unfortunately the system is a failure and many legit players are still banned to this day

They want feedback to improve it but to not listen

Been told the almost the same, some guy seemed to care, made a ticket with me after talking for an hour with.
“Wait for 3+days and i will contact you via mail”
Man it’s been 2 weeks of silence already i even asked to mail me if they refuse the contestation.

This is beyond irresponsability.

Reported myself a bot for weeks: nothing done
Butthurt company losing a territory decide to mass report: several warning to top PvPers, some banned even if some of them NEVER spoke in chat and they got flagged for Abusive Behavior?

And they want us to believe it’s not automated?

Just keep appealing until you get LUCKY. Literally that’s the only way.

I’ve made an extensive post about how the whole support is flawed and they actually dont review your appeals, at all. Funny enough the thread got locked.

There are a few ways you can tell they dont bother checking the reviews. A good example is making a public unlisted youtube video (can be any video, even a Rick Astley) and send it as a ‘proof’ of your innocence. You will see that even after their reply your video will remains on 0 views. Same can be done by any google drive documents (like the logs they ask you to send in), it will always remains at 0 views, because they do not care.

Quite sometimes the Appeal Ticket ends up on the ‘Tech Support’ inbox, instead of the ‘Moderation Team’ inbox.

You will eventually get an e-mail saying that they are not the team that handle appeals. It’s ridiculous.

Thanks for the reply.

It is hilarious how poor the customer service is. Locking your thread is further evident of this. I’ve explained in above posts here that the evidence I have provided in every single appeal is via IMGUR and Google Docs. They are still on 0 views.

The worst is when you ask Live Chat for a status update (knowing that they have no information already and just hope they can escalate it somehow) then they tell you that they have no information on ban appeals and to wait for Moderation Contact. 5 minutes later you’ll get an email from the Live Customer Chat Agent you spoke with saying your ban appeal has been rejected and the decision was merited. Sorry, what? Now all of a sudden the live chat can give ban appeal information.

The lines of communication within AGS need work - big pay rise to the manager that can identify this…

Maybe if someone from CS sees this they can forward on as feedback internally.

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The worst is when you ask Live Chat for a status update (knowing that they have no information already and just hope they can escalate it somehow) then they tell you that they have no information on ban appeals and to wait for Moderation Contact. 5 minutes later you’ll get an email from the Live Customer Chat Agent you spoke with saying your ban appeal has been rejected and the decision was merited.

I thought I was the only one. Ahahaha!!!

Made an appeal on the same day of my ban, almost a week later no response. Live Chat told me to make a new appeal, and when I asked him if he could check on the first appeal, from the previous week, he just said: “I already told you what to do. Have a nice day and week” and closed the chat.

Mind you, it’s in Portuguese, because I’m from Brazil, but anyone can understand how unprofessional it is.

Funny enough, after that I made a new appeal and less than 2 hours later I got a reply denying my appeal. They didn’t even bother to read or check the “proofs” they ask.

Thanks for the reply. I’ll keep it brief to stay on topic of the thread becuase I don’t want it to get locked.

In reply, once you are forced to go through this system you are able to learn the process that CS follows. I personally put it down to poor training or the AGS CS is outsourced/contracted and they don’t really care about the customer/what they are doing and just want to achieve the turnover of appeals, live chats, enquiries.

I’ll quickly point out that in my experience it’s not just about bans. I’ve requested full account information (SAR) and the CS agent just disconnected the chat becuase he couldn’t be bothered looking into it lol.

It is night and day between Amazon CS and Amazon Games CS.

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I enjoyed 3k hours of Alpha testing only to have my 2nd account I’d used for Cooking and Arcana crafting storage banned on the same date you were taken out.

I’d hoped my wife might enjoy the gathering and crafting, now I’m envious that she managed to side step this drama sink hole.

I’ve got one that beats this.

Placed an appeal. Didn’t get any response. Had to follow up via Live Chat to get a status update. Gave them the ticket/case ID and the agent said he would contact his manager as some of their systems were down. Was told it would get looked into - 2 minutes later (not joking) the agent said the appeal had been looked into and it was denied.

2 minute ban review of days worth of logs, diag reports, screenshots, forum post references - surely this is a record? Again, further confirmation to me that appeals do not get fully reviewed.


I wasn’t able to play for about a week because I was trying to fight a name change I was reported into and a few days in I tried to log in to see if I could play and I was informed I had received a flag for abusive chat. Of course I appealed it and a few hours later I got a response saying it was merited and would be staying! That on top of everyone else on my server whos has been mass reported and mass name changed just proved to me its either automated or whoever is reviewing the appeals just doesn’t care what happens. Still to this day have heard 0 about my first ticket and I’m on my like 6th name lmao its incredible

This response is a bold faced lie?

I have literal confirmation from your team, that it does indeed exist? Why would you bother lying about this?

You have either an automated software that bans people who reach a report threshold within a certain scope of time, or an autoban ruling for your moderation team that basically says they can skip actually investigating and rule for a ban if enough reports were generated in a specific window of time.

Why does your team consistently behave sneakily, hide changes, and bold faced lie to your playerbase?

Did you know humans make errors? And that your ban appeals system has the exact same responses for every single appeal without a single error?

Explain your own team confirmation, and how your team miraculously makes 0 errors in bans, and in responses?

I did a post and it was closed instantly, man my luck is crazy


I removed the picture, because it had personal information from a CSA, this is violating the code of conduct, https://www.amazon.com/gp/help/customer/display.html/?nodeId=GLSBYFE9MGKKQXXM
You can repost the image removing (blacking out) the name of the representative you spoke to same goes for email images, remove any personal information including your name (email) and Customer service name.

Thank you.

Bump & Update as this thread has been used as evidence in latest ban appeal - 15/12/21

Nearing one month since the automatic ban. For anyone still following, AGS has now changed the response to how ban appeals are placed. You now get an automatic email saying your appeal has been lodged although I can confidently say that evidence is not getting reviewed as links provided are on 0 views.

Further, AGS now states that part of the TOS they cannot disclose a reason as to why customers get banned. Very unfair to automatically ban a customer for ‘Cheating’ as this is such a broad category. So wrong to not notify them what they did wrong.

Confident that in this case duplicated items from company players/trading post went through this account. The fact that Bowser doesn’t have the trade skill levels to craft these items should be proof that he is not a duplicator.

Actualy nobody is trying, not even answering my tickets now.

Now i get blank mail instead in a couple mins.

Is AGS going to treat people with respect for once ? i can’t even get my copy pasta of the day anymore. Very ongr

Edit & Addition. As per Subject Access Request information - is anyone able to advise the reason highlighted below?

After doing some research I have found that Penalty Context should be given if the ban is not automatic. This is essentially the reason as to why the customer/player was banned. This is a serious issue - how is it possible that players can be banned (in this case for ‘Cheating’) without an Amazon Games employee actually having hard evidence and reasoning.

This would explain why the Moderation Team cannot provide a response to the ongoing request of ‘why was the player banned, what specific reason?’. They simply have nothing on file for this account and are not able to find anything on their supposed investigations. Further reason and most probably reason why CS and Moderation are now saying it is now against ToS/CoC to disclose a specific reason - I think unfairly treated customers are now catching onto this shambles.

Technically they did the appeal review and they found that they should uphold the ban.

You aren’t entitled to a second appeal.

It does suck if it’s truly not legitimate ban, but I’m not going to make an assumption on your part of guilt or innocence because I don’t know the facts, but your presentation doesn’t seam horrible so I hope you get another review.

What you need is to get the attention of a CS Jedi, as the regular CS based on my opinion don’t have access to do anything. I know of one I’ll send an invite to, maybe they will see it.