Unjust Ban Without Explanation or Reasoning

Sadly, the appealing system via online ticket seems to be very uneficient. I got ban last week for 3 days for apparently “abusive behaviour”. I had to sent 3 tickets asking why exactly I got banned and almost a day later the only response I got was that my ban was deserved and that they take offensive chat very seriusly. The thing is that I don’t remember being toxic to anyone and they didn’t give me any details on the massage that got me banned or any other thing that would indicate why I got banned in first place. I hope you and your brother manage to get out of this awful situation

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Thanks for the reply.

I do agree that the ban appeal system needs work. Although understanding of the fact that the systems in place are all new and will be changed over time. Don’t let that comment take away from the fact that I am a firm believer that each ban issued must be warranted and therefore each ban appeal response be given a specific reason to the customer.

It feels like the request for some geniune due-diligence is too much for AGS…

You aren’t the only one that feels this way. Nevertheless, he will be fighting this with every tooth and nail as he has done nothing wrong.


have any updates been provided?

Unfortunately no updates have been provided.

The appeal was submitted about 70 hours ago. See the below for a laugh.

Straight up not even looking at appeals. Abysmal customer support is putting it lightly.

I did also kindly DM one of the Devs stating I would only reach out once as I do not wish to inundate them with requests to which I did not get any reply.

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Update for those that are following - 28/11/21.

On the off chance misinformation was given Bowser followed up again. Much more than 72 hours have surpassed for the ban appeal. Recieved no communications from CS or Moderation. Contacted another Support Live Chat Agent to request another status update and the response was a copy paste in the Live Chat of the original email posted (4th Picture in this thread).

This is now the second time that the customer has had to follow up the appeal from not getting a response - I don’t need to point out how much of a shambles the customer service is - even the Agent on Live Chat was sympathetic regarding the poor communication and said they would forward this onto management as feedback - at Bowser’s request.

Another appeal was placed via a Customer Support Agent as the last one was clearly not viewed as no response was given. This thread was also linked in the description in hopes that it might actually get viewed to show how much of nightmare this process has been.

Food for thought - would you think that a dishonest player would go to this much effort to get their account back if they did something against the Terms of Service? An investment of 400+ in-game hours will not be left to just drift away in the wind due to a wrongful ban.

Will update again as the information comes in. As always, any further advice would be appreciated.

Dude, we are tryharding for Aomey - Helheim, it’s been 15 days already lmao
Almost 10 web tickets, 40 livechats

Check my topic aswell this is gold

Totally understand your frustration as we are in the same situation alongside our Company crafter and what seems like hundreds of other players…

It feels like there is no light at the end of the tunnel but as I’ve seen others get unbanned directly from certain Developers for players ‘being popular’ on their server I believe those that have not done anything wrong will be unbanned.

Just keep going through the right channels and be polite and respectful as both Bowser and I are.

IMO do not forget to have understanding that:
1. Some CS Agents are not as helpful as others (sometimes they have no idea how to respond).
2. That the coding and systems put in place for these automatic permanant bans was extremely poor - those that have done nothing wrong will (should?) be unbanned… I hope…

Goodluck on your case.

@TheLawRich @Tenjiu @Wyvernn @Ulver - Aplogies in advance for the tags but I need to notify someone.

Please see the below screenshots prior to reading for reference.

I am absolutely gobsmacked at the Customer Service. Ordinarily I would not feel the need to do this but these organisational procedures must be called out. If you wish to check the Live Chat history on Bowser’s associated account for authenticity of this please feel free to do so.

As stated above (14 hours ago from this post) a ban appeal was placed yesterday via a Live Support Agent. The evidence and description for the appeal was sent through to the Support Agent via email from the registered account of Bowser and he replied with the ban appeal inforamation (see screenshot of the email). He opted to appeal via Email to ensure his evidence was attached to the appeal rather than writing weblinks into the Web Ticket that have proven to not be opened and viewed.

How is it that today when requesting a confirmation of the description placed into the appeal the Live Support Agent was unable to comply and then when further encouraged to look into it he provided the description that was sent through from a different ban appeal?

The Customer Service Agent that lodged the ban appeal yesterday did not even place the description provided in the direct email into the ban appeal (how do we even know he attached the evidence via the .JPG and .PDF files that were also sent were put into the ban appeal?).

No wonder Bowser is not getting email replies after 72+ hours of placing ban appeals. The Live Support Agent is only putting in his IGN and Server without any other information. How does he even stand a chance of getting unbanned if this is occuring? This customer service is absolutely shocking!

  1. The customer can’t even place a ban appeal via webticket as links in the ‘Evidence’ section do not get opened.
  2. The customer can’t go through support Agents to place an appeal as they clearly are not even placing any information in on the customers behalf.
  3. Live Agents do not even reply to the chat to avoid having to close the window so it does not get reviewed (as per the Quality and Training of Live Chats).
  4. The customer does not even recieve email communications for a reply. On the off chance they do, it is the pre-written response that cannot be replied to.
  5. The customer is still waiting for evidence from the Moderation Team that he has ‘Cheated’.

This is beyond a joke now. Someone geniune needs to look into this. Why is it so hard to get some decent customer service? We’ve both been playing MMO’s for years and have never expeirenced such poor customer communication. Banning honest players due to a failed ban wave system implemented into the game is one issue. Not giving those honest players a fair chance to even appeal for their account back is beyond disgraceful. It’s evident that AGS does not aim to have its geniune customers as a priority “we are here to take care of issues you encounter and we always endeavor to provide the best service to our valued customers and aim to ensure that the issue is resolved to the fullest satisfaction.”

Update 1/12/21

Still yet to recieve an Email from Moderation for the last appeal. It has been over 72 hours again (3rd time now). The email recieved is below for reference - how is this considered a response to a ban appeal? Why is the customer being told to appeal a ban when they have already appealed a ban? Is there some sort of communication/language barrier between AGS Customer Service as this makes no sense?

After some discussions with our company members a few items came to our attention. Bowser was banned on the 16th November 2021. That exact same evening our Company (Acadians) was in a war against Company named 47U21. Unfortunately we lost our defece for Everfall for the sole reason that 47U21 knowingly (even streamed on Twitch.tv) used the food stacking exploit.

This isn’t the first time they have abused loopholes in the game. We suspect that they also mass reported Bowser post the war as he was the top healer in the war (and has been a top healer for most of Acadian wars).

To no suprise he logged off that evening and when he tried to login the next morning (17th November) he was banned.

Please note this statement is for reference only - the objective here is to raise awareness for Bowser, his appeal staus and the poor replies (if any from Customer Service and Moderation). For evidence of the above statement reagarding the 47U21 Company on the Lerna Server please see below: *URGENT* Hacking/Exploiting Companies on Lerna Ruining Server For Everyone - If this is viewed, please note how the date of this post correlates exactly to the date Bowser was banned.

Just like Steam themselves will not explain a ban (it is most game providers policy as it would give information out as to how their anti cheat systems work), neither will AGS so you’re wasting your time trying to get them to tell you what.

If they’re not repealing the ban after 3 requests to do so; i’d say they’re pretty confident they banned it for good reason?

Thanks for your reply.

For reference as per above mentions in the thread if you didn’t get the chance to read through, do you think someone that has invested over 400 hours would give up lightly on an account ban if they have done nothing wrong?

Scanning the New World Forums, Reddit and Community Discords should be evident enough that there have been failed banning systems implemented into the game as hundreds of players are in similar situations.

I don’t think the request for a specific reason is out of hand. If full and true investigations are done into each ban appeal after this much noise you would think that 1, just 1 solid reason can be identified to the customer what policy (and in-game actions) they breached - which again they won’t find as Bowser has done nothing.

Apologies if our views aren’t aligned here. For a company that preaches AAA Customer Service the proof is in the pudding…

I think they need to confirm to you via e-mail that your ban stands and they’ve confirmed as such; I don’t think they should be saying why; no other major company does either.

Bump & Update - 6/12/21

After making some noise to @Customer-Service I finally recieved some communications that seemed like a CS Agent cared about helping the customer (me). How I was so wrong thinking this…

See the below image for the correspondents recieved.

I complied with all the requests listed in the email. Even provided screenshots of the full backup log list and noted in the reply if AGS Moderation needs a specific date to review to please let me know so I can provide it.

I provided 3 days worth of Logs, DxDiag Report, Screenshots, reasons and explanations, linked this forum post also.

It has now been over 3 days since all of this was sent and I have not recieved any response and as usual, am getting told by live customer support to continue to ‘wait’.

I am now fully confident that the Moderation Team does not look into the ban appeals holistically - if they did, they would have reversed this ban. There is no way possible that AGS has any evidence that any ToS/CoC was broken in this case. It’s almost as if they are scared to reverse a ‘Cheating’ ban and it is mind blowing that they still don’t have the capability to give a specific reason even when the Account Logs are in their hands!!

The automatic banning in New World is without doubt a major failure and by far the worst system implemented in any MMO I have played. The ‘Moderation Team’ is a close second. I am baffled that this far into release and a group of players are able to mass report an individual and succeed to have them perma banned for no reason.

Scouting the forums, Reddit and other networks it is clear that New World is now on the brink of being a dead game. The endless ongoing issues are evident of this - false automatic perma bans without explanation or reasoning included.

Unfortunately the system is a failure and many legit players are still banned to this day

They want feedback to improve it but to not listen

Been told the almost the same, some guy seemed to care, made a ticket with me after talking for an hour with.
“Wait for 3+days and i will contact you via mail”
Man it’s been 2 weeks of silence already i even asked to mail me if they refuse the contestation.

This is beyond irresponsability.

Reported myself a bot for weeks: nothing done
Butthurt company losing a territory decide to mass report: several warning to top PvPers, some banned even if some of them NEVER spoke in chat and they got flagged for Abusive Behavior?

And they want us to believe it’s not automated?

Just keep appealing until you get LUCKY. Literally that’s the only way.

I’ve made an extensive post about how the whole support is flawed and they actually dont review your appeals, at all. Funny enough the thread got locked.

There are a few ways you can tell they dont bother checking the reviews. A good example is making a public unlisted youtube video (can be any video, even a Rick Astley) and send it as a ‘proof’ of your innocence. You will see that even after their reply your video will remains on 0 views. Same can be done by any google drive documents (like the logs they ask you to send in), it will always remains at 0 views, because they do not care.

Quite sometimes the Appeal Ticket ends up on the ‘Tech Support’ inbox, instead of the ‘Moderation Team’ inbox.

You will eventually get an e-mail saying that they are not the team that handle appeals. It’s ridiculous.

Thanks for the reply.

It is hilarious how poor the customer service is. Locking your thread is further evident of this. I’ve explained in above posts here that the evidence I have provided in every single appeal is via IMGUR and Google Docs. They are still on 0 views.

The worst is when you ask Live Chat for a status update (knowing that they have no information already and just hope they can escalate it somehow) then they tell you that they have no information on ban appeals and to wait for Moderation Contact. 5 minutes later you’ll get an email from the Live Customer Chat Agent you spoke with saying your ban appeal has been rejected and the decision was merited. Sorry, what? Now all of a sudden the live chat can give ban appeal information.

The lines of communication within AGS need work - big pay rise to the manager that can identify this…

Maybe if someone from CS sees this they can forward on as feedback internally.

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The worst is when you ask Live Chat for a status update (knowing that they have no information already and just hope they can escalate it somehow) then they tell you that they have no information on ban appeals and to wait for Moderation Contact. 5 minutes later you’ll get an email from the Live Customer Chat Agent you spoke with saying your ban appeal has been rejected and the decision was merited.

I thought I was the only one. Ahahaha!!!

Made an appeal on the same day of my ban, almost a week later no response. Live Chat told me to make a new appeal, and when I asked him if he could check on the first appeal, from the previous week, he just said: “I already told you what to do. Have a nice day and week” and closed the chat.

Mind you, it’s in Portuguese, because I’m from Brazil, but anyone can understand how unprofessional it is.

Funny enough, after that I made a new appeal and less than 2 hours later I got a reply denying my appeal. They didn’t even bother to read or check the “proofs” they ask.