Unjust ban: your ban system is not working as intended

yea there is delay between reports and bans.
and ppl do abuse exploits much in this game. lot of musket players use aimbots and all top musket players use nvidia profiler (external problem so cheating for me). so u never know. but if you have 2 friend banned for cheating chance they both got banned my mistake is close to 0 imho. they just lie to you.

they cant be lied because they have screen shot and play next to me
yesterday 2 ID from utopia and delos got banned for 2 days

and 1;30 hour a go another delos ID got perma banned

so sad :frowning:

Well i would assume this are not perma bans but temp bans. Wait 7 days and check after since i think 7 days i longest temp ban you can get. And that wrong message bug was never fixed so all bans are displayd as “perma”.

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idk , for me i think i am gonna move to lost ark
at least i dont have to buy the game , gonna quit playing this new world

maybe if this game become huge again im going back

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Yea, you know its same support ? :smiley:

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Sad, no Mod reply.


This web support is a joke. Such a clown fiesta. I got ban yesterday after hell of a day of mats gathering, working my ass off and got exactly same reason of a ban, some bot,cheats,bug abuse. What a f**king cicrus. And some clown from support is telling me that there is no ban and giving Lost Ark supporting page. Did those ppl that work there won their job in a lottery? Can’t even provide any proof of my guilt cuz there is none but still blubbering their sh*t offering some other stuff and asking to provide some more screenshots that could help them track the problem? xD Main Menu with a ban screen is not enough?

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sorry that happened to you. Yea this is probably one of the most frustrating things I’ve ever come across in my many years of playing games. Them not providing any details is awful because if it would at least flag the program then a genuine discussion between the appeal team and the banned player could happen. Just basic customer service…

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Same! The amount of posts popping up is hugely concerning. I hate bots just as much as the next guy but I would honestly rather have a system that gives the player some humanity instead of one that just deletes your account - especially if the support is going to be so lack luster.

If a cheater cheats and gets banned and appeals and gets unbanned then whatever, fine. Either they are gonna cheat again and then they can get banned for longer (or permanently after a certain threshold), or they are not going to cheat anymore - either way the problem gets solved and it gives the benefit of the doubt to the player base. It doesn’t need to perma-ban accounts with 1000s of hours unless they are aggressively violating terms of service.

My hypothesis, based on my friend’s story and some others I have read is that there might be some issue with steam that accidently alters the file base and easy-anti-cheat thinks the files have been modded so it just bans. I have played a few games on steam and have had to use the “verify integrity of game files” function because it would not start the game properly or when it did start it couldn’t connect to servers etc. In fact, it happened a few times to me when playing new world in the first few months. Perhaps similar issues are happening here and Easy-Anti-Cheat is confusing this with the files being modded.

Either way, its been 12 days since my original post and not a single moderator has responded so clearly the forums are also a bad place to bring this up. Like I said, we didn’t want to stop playing, but AGS has literally given us no choice because we cant fix the problem lol


Well the unfortunate thing is once a moderator does stumble upon this topic they will just lock it and post the link to appeal the ban with what little information they have provided in the first place.

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Getting banned from New World was the best thing to happen to me a while, I just didn’t realize it at the time. I had put way too many hours into this game that in retrospect had some of the same hallmarks as an abusive relationship.

You can also request your Data from Amazon to give you an idea of what your bans were for, even though Amazon Games will not tell you.

Request your personal Data from Amazon which includes Amazon Games data:
Google ‘Amazon request my data’

Amazon has some pretty top notch customer service, Amazon Games has some of the worst customer service I have ever witnessed.

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I’m in the same situation…
3 bans in 15 days and I still don’t know the reasons.
I only have steam installed, the razyer drivers for the headphones and the mouse and the paloalto networks cortex xdr antivirus.

I have posted my experience with the appeal here…


Bumping this, Hopefully a mod see’s this, it’s just sad. :frowning:

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i am sorry. Your friend is an another victim of this bad design anticheat system.

Unfortunately there is no one who can help you. The Customer Support exist for typical reasons. Its waste of time to trying tell them that his ban is unfair.

The only help can come only if one moderator or community manager see this post and show some interest about this. BUT either them can review your case and see if your ban is unfair.
In the end no one can help him. No one knows why he got the ban. Just pray to god for some help for something or someone.


3 weeks later we finally received the amazon data request to see what happened. Basically he received two permanent bans, 1 minute after another from the Easy-anti-cheat software. As you can see from the report, he was banned for a few days in October for saying a bad word (not gonna repeat it here) and then had no further history of bans.

So EAC really said “hey man - not only am I going to ban you for no reason and make it permanent even though you don’t have a history of cheating, I’m gonna perma-ban you TWICE just to make sure you can never play the game again”.

Still waiting for a moderator to reply with ANYTHING at thing point…


It is very curious about the reports.
I don’t see EAC…
How many systems does newworld have to ban?

Same happened to me… No answer at all


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